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8/13/2020 c10 GraceNatalie
Oh shoot! Harper the bitch!
Hopefully they break up so Jily happens faster.
8/13/2020 c9 GraceNatalie
I literally wanna murder Snape right now...
Carlotta is giving me bad vibes. She is acting like Frank belongs to her and her only and it’s very annoying. Plus, it’s ruining my Fralice
8/13/2020 c8 GraceNatalie
Ah, sweet Fralice fluff. Jily is developing which is good.
Overall this was a great chapter!
8/13/2020 c7 GraceNatalie
First of all, I absolutely LOVE the theory everyone has of Mary MacDonald being Mary Cattermole and second of all thank you for all that Jily fluff!
8/13/2020 c6 GraceNatalie
B-b-but Fralice
8/12/2020 c5 GraceNatalie
I really like the storyline
8/12/2020 c4 GraceNatalie
Some Jily interaction!
8/12/2020 c3 GraceNatalie
What?! Why is everyone trying to kill themselves?!
8/12/2020 c2 GraceNatalie
I really love how you have characterised everyone. I would like to point out that Marlene was never married and “Mckinnion” is her birth name but this is fanfiction so anything could happen!
I really like your writing and am looking forward to reading the other chapters!
8/12/2020 c1 GraceNatalie
This is very well written!
8/11/2020 c36 Guest
I first read TLAT over the course of a few days in 2012, and have re-read it from time to time (I have it on my kindle). It is, without question, the greatest fanfic I’ve ever read. It has stuck with me for a long time: the characters, the stories. The characterizations of the Marauders are so spot on; and Lily is just so likeable and true, I hope I can be like her. It’s been said before but the other characters are equally deep and interesting and I see them as part of this world now, no question. It really truly feels like this is what happened when Voldemort was first coming to power.

Nostalgia brought me back here today. It’s been eight years of love for this fic and now more than two years since I’ve known it’s been abandoned. I remember that one glorious summer day in 2013 when this was updated; I still find myself checking tumblr to see if there’s any hope (there’s not) or at least to remember that there are other people out there who also love TLAT, who have been deeply impacted by this story to the point of aching.

Just want to say: Jules, wherever you are now, thank you for this incredible piece of writing. I hope things are going well for you and that you are still able to be creative. You have so much talent— probably more in your pinky finger than 99% of people in the States. Cheers.
8/11/2020 c36 floris-lane
It’s 2020 and there’s something comforting about retreating back into your former self. It’s 2020 and the world just seems that much more shit when I remember reading this story almost 7 years ago at 2am under the bedsheets.

A lot can happen in 7 years. Wars can start, technology can evolve beyond the point of recognition, icons can fall from grace and a 17 year old can grow up to be a writer. Perhaps because she spent her teenage years with her nose stuck in Stephanie Meyer and C*ss*andr* Cl*re and Jokes Rowling. Perhaps because she obsessed over Meloni vs Mumps more than her science homework so she had no other option.

Prose is not my specialty by any means, but rereading this story with adult eyes, adult experiences I became overwhelmed. This story exists as a time capsule to my very own teenage years. Not just the memories of reading under bedsheets but memories of getting over boys who didn’t care enough and nicknames I have long since forgotten and lies I told my parents who I haven’t lived with for almost as long as my last read through of this story. And for all it’s ‘of it’s time’-nesses that I’ve seen pointed out as a flaw (which could get into a different argument altogether) it feels like a photograph of all the imperfections of my youth. All the sad things, the ‘uneducated’ things, all the ‘I didn’t know any betters’. It reminds me of how I have grown and learned and evolved. As I imagine Jules has.

She doesn’t owe us anything. Which is the albeit sad truth of it all. She wrote this because at one point in time she was in love with the story and the characters and the structure and the planning of it all. Then at another point she wasn’t. And that happens. And we can speculate and gossip and theorise to the nth degree but in many ways we devolve in doing so. We too ride the Shelley boat for an entirely different reason than for want of getting into James Potter’s pants.

To Jules, if you read this, I apologise for my self-indulgent musings. I daresay you’ve heard a few in regards to your work. Like many here I imagine, reading your work has been beautifully bittersweet this time around. You were a talented writer 7 years ago and (although a lot can change in 7 years) I’ll wager these things don’t slip away. I hope you’re writing still. I hope you’re confident enough to do so, even if it’s only for yourself. Without the demands of such a large, anonymous audience which I suppose I must now include myself in. Writing should be hard but it should also bring you joy.

I’ve made my peace with the end of this capsule. As with such things, they always must in one way or another. End that is. Consider this review my own bronze plaque. A thank you for writing this at all, for giving me something concrete to come back to, to retreat into when everything else feels a bit shit.
8/3/2020 c36 Guest
That's all? It's done? I'm literally sobbing... this has to be the best HP fanfiction I've ever read and I can't believe it's over already! Jules, you are a wonderful writer and thank you so much for this mind-blowing masterpiece :)
8/2/2020 c18 Guest
I think I liked Frank's the most. It seems like Luke isn't exactly as honest and sincere as Lily first thought he was. My guess is that he's pulling the poor-and-pitiful act just to stop Lily from breaking up with him. There was also something strangely appealing about Carlotta's apology though. It's blunt and brusque, but also well-meant.
8/2/2020 c12 Guest
Just a quick regard- I don't think Lily should have ratted Luke's family out. It seems a bit out of character. And the fact that Luke forgave her so easily doesn't really make sense, too. If anything, it should have put a strain on their relationship. Other than that, the story's going great. :)
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