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9/15/2009 c11 Potter's Lily
Please make Lily realize that Snape is a poop. And James with his dad; I want to see that.
9/15/2009 c11 6Randomisation
great chapter - i really like it! loved the 'not yet' thing running through. can't wait for the next :D
9/14/2009 c11 1A Morning Star
I wish it were Christmas, too, even if I'm a horrid atheist. I wish I still drove a car so I could listen to Christmas music on the radio. Alas, motorcycles don't have them. =[

So I got to read this chapter. And I GUESS I'm satiated. I'm a little perplexed, though, Lily THINKS she loves Snape? You know, if it was any other author...I'd leave a swift flame, close the window and kick over my expensive new monitor for someone even writing that, but I trust you. So I'll let it slide. Just this once, if I start to read any Evans/Snape fluff, I'll vomit and hack my own head off.

Regardless, good chapter.
9/14/2009 c10 A Morning Star
MessageChapter not found. Please check to see you are not using an outdated url.

New chapter/story can take up to 15 minutes to show up."

AH! [shits a brick] I need more.
9/14/2009 c7 A Morning Star
This is the best characterization of James Potter. Hands down. 10/10. Five eggs.
9/14/2009 c11 4wudnulike2know
I am reviewing. Because reviews ARE all the things that you have said they are over the past 11 chapters. Anyway, onwards. Do you know how amazing your story is? Because it is, it's one of the best things I have ever read and that includes things I have read in materially-published form, honestly. It's stories like these that make me want to write better. I just love the sheer humanity to all your characters. Nobody is good, nobody is bad ('cept maybe Marlene's boyfriend), but they are all people. Also, I admire you immensely for not just attempting the whole mystery thing but doing it so well because writing mystery must be practically herculean in its nature, or it would seem so to me, at least. Anyway, I love it!
9/14/2009 c11 45verity candor
I wants Christmas TOO! And having got that over with... especially loved Carlotta and Shelley in this one. And I loved Alice being all okay with things now too. And fine, fine, burst my Luke-is-EEVIL! bubble then, see if I care. *pout*
9/14/2009 c11 Irish Wanna-be Traveler
Update! Update! Update!
9/14/2009 c11 4Julie AV
oh no. lily doesnt love snape! she cant! i will CRY! hysterically!

and Alice is over it! yaho! she is over it, so frank will get jelous and shit! yay! love it!
9/14/2009 c11 Fantastical Fwooper
so let me start off by saying that i LOVE this story. your writing style is really cool, and all the characters are really original and well developed. (yay for no Mary-Sues!) I am really looking forward to the next update. A request- can we have more of James' thoughts on Lily and his relationship with her? I love those little thoughts of his that pop up occasionally when they talk, and i want more! thanks. :]
9/14/2009 c11 amazingurl
continue this amazing work... update soon...

9/14/2009 c11 2M333gan
Well,I honestly have no idea what 'TLC' means...sad,i know.

I really like it when James breaks down completely,well,breaks down at all.I think it's really romantic and a change from Lily always showing her weaker side.It shows that he is human.

You call that short?ahahn i like you!Length is AWESOME!

9/14/2009 c2 1A Morning Star
That was an amazingly real James Potter. Perfectly authentic. Slightly mad, but has strong resolve.
9/13/2009 c11 0100111
i'm touched by your dedication.

however, i (and i'm sure i don't stand alone on this) am most curious about the exact subject matter of what happened with the harpers. it was a bit confusing. (oh, and lily _cannot_ love snape. no.)

excellent chapter, a treat for me when i got back today. perhaps we should rename it "not yet" or something, and it really wasn't that short.

wishing you a merry celery and darn it, i want christmas too ^_^
9/13/2009 c11 2WorthMeltingFor
How do you come up with all this stuff? It's amazing, especially how everything comes together. I love all the characters you make up, they all have so much background, which im hoping we'll all find out later on.

I specifically loved how you ended each part with (Not yet), it made me anxious to see how all of it will wrap up! :D

Please update soon, it's nerve wracking
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