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8/2/2009 c6 0100111
ack! there's so much to say i just can't say it. carlotta and... no! no, you vixen! and... i don't like miles. not one bit. and... now i'm sitting on the edge of my seat. egads, woman! you are one for cliffhangers!
8/2/2009 c6 14FaithfulHPReader
Ohmygod! As she was talking I was totally guessing that it was him!

Awesome chapter. :)

Update again soon?
8/1/2009 c6 61K. East
Wow. What a brilliant and unexpected turn of events. I'm really not sure what to make of this. Your writing is just so ingenious - the characters are all so real and loveable, even when they make stupid mistakes like Frank did.

Keep up the great work - I'm excited (as usual) to see what happens next.
8/1/2009 c6 AllyKitten
OH SNAP! Now that thing at the beginning of the chapter makes sense. Great chapter. Update soon!
8/1/2009 c5 119Luna Rapunzel
I don't have nearly enough time to leave as long of a review as I'd like, but I don't want to fall too far behind on your updates, so... here you are. Very intriguing conversation between Lily and Carlotta in the first scene (wonder why Lily's losing sleep and spending nights on the windowsill?), and I love the storyline of the parchments about Voldemort-interesting twist! Adored the Lily/James conversation while guessing the password, and the scene after with Luke was a great insight into both the war and their relationship (is he really cocky enough to think Voldemort isn't a serious threat or that it's "all hypothetical"?).

'“Is that why everything you say is dull and useless?” asked Lily sweetly. “To avoid eavesdroppers?”' - Great comeback!

LOVE LOVE LOVE the hypothetical conversation between Lily and James about investigating who's been putting up the posters! Fantastic dialogue between Lily and Snape (and Slughorn's comment about the "dream team" was perfectly placed and appropriately maddening), then again at dinner with the girls and Adam-your characterizations are so entertaining to read.

Figures that James would look with the Marauders after talking to Lily... boys and their stakeouts. LOVED the way they caught him in the trick step-priceless! Same to Lily and James's conversation after about it.

Wonderful work, as always!
8/1/2009 c6 7Whitelight72
NO! No, no, no, no, no! Bad Frank Longbottom. Bad, bad Frank Longbottom!
8/1/2009 c6 swishhh

Miles too. I HATE Miles. POOR Marlene. Adam is SO much better for her, and sweeter. I mean, he makes her eat carbohydrates!

Snape...well, I don't mind him SO much. He DOES seem truly repentant. But I DO mind him because he is a complication, and I think he's pathetic. I know, I know, he grows into a pretty awesome bloke (if a bit on the bastard side of the spectrum), but as a teenager he gets on my nerves NO end.

Wonderful, fantastic, brilliant, yadda yadda yadda, you know the rest. There's only so many times I can say those things without feeling like a chump. It was a great piece of work. And Sirius's and James's banter made me giggle, just 'cause they're such cute friends.
8/1/2009 c1 4RachelElizabeth
Random idea, I get them often and if I don't sare them I might explode. Alice should have seen the whole thing between Corlotta and Frank and when Lily tells her about it Alice is all like I know. Then Alice should dump Frank and then he could snap out of his little early midlife crisis thing or whatever and he should really have to romance Alice to get her back. Sorry if i'm stepping over some boundries but I absolutly can not help sharing my ideas
8/1/2009 c6 RachelElizabeth
HOLEY CRAP! Frank's a major dick face! I never ever evr expected that! Heck I was even thinking the dude could be Serious' Uncle but not Frank! Lily's going to have a rough time with this one!
8/1/2009 c5 61K. East
James and Lily's semantics are, as always, amusing. He really does care... :3

Um, honestly, can't think of much more to say. All of your chapters are brilliant, so saying so again gives me the feeling that I'm being repetitive.

Keep up the great work.
8/1/2009 c4 K. East
I actually really like this chapter, despite your insistence that it's mediocre. There was a lot of character development and little things that I think will be important later...I'll keep my hunches to myself, though.

The Frank mystery is concerning, though. In a good, makes-me-want-to-keep-reading kind of way.

8/1/2009 c6 2Mor'ranrFricai
(Runs around in circles waving arms franticly) AH! NOT FRANK! NO! Poor Lily! POOR ALICE! Does Carlotta know he's going out with Alice? Potter must stop his smoking habit, it sort of disgusts me a little. But, Snape and Lily? How is their friendship going to work out? Hmm... ADAM AND MARLENE! :D So... UPDATE! I really liked it. WRITE!

With Love From The Amazingly Awesome One,

Mor'ranrFricai the Beatles Fanatic
7/30/2009 c5 19untitled1494
i liked this chapter! the good deed almost revived the aforementioned James faults, and I'm starting to feel like Lily. Hating him, loving him, etc. which makes me wonder if you're an even more brilliant writer than I thought, and showing the reader james' character in a way that represents Lily's feelings. or it may be a happy mistake. me, i believe in love, so i chose to believe you're doing it on purpose.

keep writing.

7/30/2009 c5 14FaithfulHPReader
I really like this story. :)

You've done wonderfully with the character's personalities.

I can't wait for the next update. :)
7/30/2009 c5 Underbabe
Aw, this story is really growing on me. :) Amazing as usual. Loved all the banter :D
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