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7/26/2009 c4 7Whitelight72
Gingersnaps. Love that train of though. And yes, I suppose you're right; James does have enough issues to add on everyone thinking he's trying to off the students.

So what's up with Frank? He's acting kinda like he's going to be the next one that tries to off himself. But I suppose everyone bickers - even Alice and Frank can't be perfect, despite what every other fanfic author seems to think of them. Love how realistic you make it. Can't wait for the next chapter.
7/26/2009 c4 AllyKitten
I really like the ending to this. It was really cute. Cant wait for your next update.
7/26/2009 c4 6verbpreciousgem
this is quite an intriguing story.

i'm highly interested to know what's got them all suicidal.

upon first reading, i didn't think i was going to like this story much.

but, fate works in funny ways sometimes. :D

looking forward to the next chapter(:
7/26/2009 c4 swishhh
More of the same, I'm afraid. Just little old me bowing down to your awesomeness countless times, ho hum.

You know what I forgot to mention in my other two reviews? Well, how I appreciate how LONG these chapters are - they're freaking immense! I LOVE it! I seriously, honestly, genuinely cannot WAIT for the next chapter. It's got everything I would look for in a story - humour, intrigue, mystery, action, romance, and Sirius Black ;P ...though I generally just settle for that last one there. I love the way you've filled out all these characters. They feel so 3D now. Oh, and I love Lathe. He made me laugh. And Donna, who would have a bad thing to say about Santa Claus XD And boy, am I angry at Frank! He should get his act together, 'cause he's gonna end up marrying Alice whether he likes it or not.

Also, I am thoroughly enjoying James's jerkiness - don't hold back!

Dude, it's like 02:22 in the morning now. I am exhausted, but way too wired to sleep. I hope you're happy about that ¬¬
7/26/2009 c3 swishhh
As promised, my second review. I stick to my oaths when faced with amazingness. Once again, I must applaud your writing style, 'cause it's awesome and so unique. But it's not just that - I'm getting really intrigued by the plot now too! Permit me to say that I am more than a little hooked...and with only one more chapter T_T Make me a new one?

Yes, so anyway. I love all the relationships between the characters *_* It's such an intriguing world you've created! Granted, it technically belongs to JKR, but you've taken her playground and put a spin on it - I'm seeing it in a different way, completely disconnected from Harry Potter. It feels wrong to even type his name, like it should be James I'm writing about. Gawd, I love James. And Sirius too. And I like how James isn't a lovesick fool with Lily, like I see in other fics. He may like her, but it looks like he's got a grip on reality too. So far, anyway.

It's just brilliant. And generally when I see brilliance it kind of discourages me and makes me give up on just about everything, but this is so good that it's actually inspiring me instead. Who'd athunk it?

Keep writing!

One more review to go!
7/26/2009 c2 swishhh
I could have read all four of your chapters and given you one review like I would do for any other story, but I have decided to give you one for each...except the prologue, because I read that before I decided this. Anyway, chase me up if you don't get two more XD

I have literally never come across such good writing on before. Now, maybe I'm not looking hard enough or something, but I think that even if I did go off in search of something better I'd find it a pointless wild goose chase. This is just too awesome, and I'm reading every word! I haven't skimmed ONCE, and generally I can't resist doing that from time to time. It's the most BRILLIANT thing I've come across! I love how the characters interact - they're so witty and sarcastic ^^ and I like how this fic can be so amusing while dealing with what sounds like some pretty dark stuff 0.0 A brawl in the hall? Musta been ugly.

I'm really excited to see this continue - and genuinely intrigued about Marlene's relationship with Adam even if they are secondary characters (something that almost NEVER happens) and I LOVE it.
7/26/2009 c4 0100111
Noo! Frank and Alice... no! They have to be my favorite underwraps couple - what are you doing? why, god, why? i mean, i trust your judgment and all, but... no!

this chapter was excellent, although towards the end it did drag on a little. not that it made a difference to the quality. oh, and we seem to see so little of lily's boyfriend luke - you mentioned him briefly, but what happened to him being around? poor boy's getting ditched.

really good job, looking very much forward to the next installment. cheerio ^_^
7/26/2009 c4 7Lili Evans dotcom
I love it! Finally someone emse who loves the whole James-is-a-git thing! He really is bloody anoying, Congratulations lol! Anyway seriously great story.

Chui amoureuse!
7/26/2009 c4 45verity candor
HAha. Loved the ending... t'was brilliant. Winnig is nice.
7/24/2009 c3 anon
this is so exciting. please continue!
7/23/2009 c3 verity candor
Oh wow. Brilliant beginning. I absolutely adore your writing style. You really know how to build up tension and I'm mad jealous. BRilliant!
7/23/2009 c1 verity candor
*Whistles* InTENSE. Really, really nice prologue...
7/22/2009 c3 61K. East
Wow! Everyone's trying to off themselves. Quite fishy. Seriously, this incredible. I'm just on the edge of my seat wondering what will happen next.

You're a great author, and your style is very charismatic. I like how you occasionally address the reader, and how you manage to make all of the (many) characters involved unique and important in some way to the plot.

Anyway, I'm really excited to see where this is going! Thanks for a great read. :)
7/22/2009 c2 K. East
Wow. I don't even know how to begin.

Your characterization is, as I think I've said, really excellent. But I'm most impressed with the style of this chapter and how well everything fit together.

You're a truly witty author - this is entertaining not only because of the storyline but in the way you tell it (e.g., how the brawl, extremely amusing in itself, all linked back to a passing comment Lily made in fourth year).

I know I'm going to enjoy this a lot.
7/22/2009 c1 K. East
What an intriguing chapter. I really like your portrayal of James. Very interesting - he seems like the type to cling to life, but when he said, “I’ve made peace” it Just makes me so curious. :)
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