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8/3/2010 c1 1NCGeniusGirl
Amusing... but you might want to get a beta for grammar...
1/27/2010 c1 18Tango Dancer
Haha, is Echizen back? Can't wait for more, please, update soon!
1/10/2010 c1 1Tommyboy1331
I think You need a beta-reader to help a little! It's a good idea though!
11/6/2009 c1 1Miki-nee
XD This one is more funnier
8/2/2009 c5 71Kionkitchee

Atobe lagi-lagi dipermalukan XD


daku suka pas adegan si Gakuto!


jarak jauh tak lagi jadi masalah berkat 'pip'

*dilindes gara2 mau promosi*

aku cuma mau bilang berkat Ayumu ko!


btw, gimana penyakitnya?
7/30/2009 c5 setsuna
you better to check up your grammars. there are a lot of grammatical issues there, no offense. fix them
7/30/2009 c5 1Miki-nee
HI it's me POkemonrangergirl Capture On love htis capter update soon
7/30/2009 c5 27actors-heroes
Omg that was awesome! Can't wait for more!
7/28/2009 c4 71Kionkitchee


that's why i loph u Atobe-sama~

tapi tetep lah Atsushi no 1 XD

mereka sekarang sma ya...

jadi pengen liat si echizen gimana gedenya...

keren tuh pendeskripsian si inui, MANTABH!

ayo terusin~
7/21/2009 c4 1Miki-nee
HI you improved a lot i still hate to write my story so i just came here to see if you updated and you did i miss a lot when i don't log on for a while please update soon Compliment finished oh man i sound like Atobe now ugh
7/21/2009 c4 4tricksterxgentleman
omg LOL!

7/20/2009 c4 10YaoiFanaticFreak
'a sound heard from Atobe’s direction'?


something had happen AGAIN to Atobe?

OMG! Atobe SURE is CUTE in here!

and so many Ore-sama! XD
7/20/2009 c4 raptor.claw09
Haha, I like the kabaji part. That was funny.
7/19/2009 c3 4Ice-creamy-life
I love the tezuka vein thing and also Fuji's part!
7/19/2009 c3 82Angel's Angel

Kocak! Kocak!
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