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7/27/2009 c1 Purple-Partying-Nina1236
OMIGAWD! *fangirl squeal*...*coughs* anyways, this is completely and utterly awsome!

Man i wish i had some sort of writing skillz...z!

Edwin: i think your writing skills are fine Nina.

Nina: WTF! Edwin wat are you doing her?

Edwin: uh...i believe i was commenting you...

Nina: Thanks, but thats not what i meant...i meant what are you doing here in gerneral? Stupid...

Edwin: Well for your information i was reading her stories too! ...and that last comment to me was not nessesary!

Nina: Yeah whatever...merppens

Edwin: What?

Nina: merppens it's what i say...DUH!

Edwin: Well you know what?

Nina: No...stupid im not a freakkin' mindreader like Edward!

Edward: You dont sparkle either!

Nina:(points)Dont push it!

Edward: damn...and i though i was the scariest thing on earth...

edwin: tell me about it!

Nina: gr...

Edwin&Edward: oh sh-

Nina:RAWR! *attacks*

Edwin&Edward: AH!

Waflle:(with videocamara) This is so going on YouTube!

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