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4/17/2010 c13 2HyperShanic01
Yush, you used our version of the history of Sonic and Shadow. That makes me happy 3 Though some parts need to be more thouroughly explained... I think I like this version of werepup, innocent and undeserving \D Ah, werehog, gotta love him
10/3/2009 c12 HyperShanic01
Oh, geez, i remember that FRIGGIN MASSIVE growth spurt.

Anyway, doesnt "san" mean the title of mr miss etc.? Whatever.Try using "sama" its a bit better than "san," and try "dono" too, means master, somewhat. "Ue" is good too, means above.

And i still feel bad for DarkSpine for hanging out with the wrong crowd.

Yayz for good relationships!
9/29/2009 c12 9TheRoastedChicken
E~! I love this story XD

You've portrayed their relationship really well (the father/son and brother kinda thing) and I also am enjoying the storyline.

I really want to know what happens next though! D; I am glad that the collar is gone a little xD hopefully it's one less thing to worry about.

For the '-san' question thing, I think you can use it in all situations except the fourth. Though I'm not too sure.

Looking forward to an update on this, *3*
9/29/2009 c12 5Monster-House-Fan92
I was so happy when I checked my email this morning and saw that you updated ^^

I really liked this chapter. And Shadow calling Sonic 'papa' made me "aww" :3

I'm guessing that Weresan's in control at the end. It'd be pretty scary to wake up in his arms 0o;;

Please update soon! :)
9/28/2009 c12 SilverLuna77
Yayz! More father/son bonding!

I am really happy you toned down the abuse on pup. I also like the fact your showing Sonic and pup as a pack (or just more wolf like)

And mabe if you elaborated on their little mind bond thingy that be swell (unless you did and I'm just being an idiot... )

Please update soon (but take your time too, I like long thought out chapters)

P.S. The 7's in my name were left out on acceident. :P
9/28/2009 c12 6Genesis.BlazingShadow
Wow, learn how to take a compliment. I wasn't being sarcastic.

Washing myself of that silliness... here's my review:

I've commented enough on your writing style. It is what it is, and it's alright.

This was a nice, lengthy chapter that kept me entertained... but I felt that the 3rd person segment was an unnecessary thing... besides, it's a little too late in the game to start adding new content to the story... especially when you say it's near the end.
8/30/2009 c11 5Monster-House-Fan92
Loved the cookies! X3

I was so excited to see that you updated this X)

I feel so bad for Shadow :( poor guy's been through alot

I wish I could give you some ideas on how to get rid of the Werehog, but I haven't got any! D:

But if I do, I'll be sure to message you! :)

Please update soon!
8/28/2009 c11 1jorenmartijn
Nice chapter! I missed Shadow Angel though, at least for emotional reasurance of the pup. :(
8/28/2009 c11 SilverLuna
I feel really bad for werepup! Just horrible!

But I also feel bad for Sonic... ;_;

Well I am happy that you did tone down the abusiveness in this chapter!

Please update soon!

P.s. I have a great dain that looks strangly like Shadow (completly black with a patch of white fur on his chest), but he acts like werepup...its really weird...
8/27/2009 c11 2HyperShanic01
Lol dejavu, this seems familiar to what we type ne? Only i get annoyed when we dont hurry up along. It feels like back and forth
8/27/2009 c11 6Genesis.BlazingShadow
aww how cute. there is really no better definition of 'hurt and comfort' other than this story, ROFL.

i wish this story wouldn't end, but... all good things must, right?

oh well...

Keep writing!
8/24/2009 c10 2HyperShanic01
Man i love that song from Tarzan. I liked the ending of this chapter =D
8/24/2009 c10 5Monster-House-Fan92
*happily munches on cookies* ^^

Wow, Sonic was the one to give the beating, eh? That was a sudden shift. Good chapter! :D Please update soon!

PS: "You’ll Be In my Heart" really matched the mood at the end. I was actually listening to it while I was reading! XD
8/23/2009 c10 SilverLuna77!

I know Sonic didn't mean to...spank Shadpup but still... I'd feel distrust to my Dad/Brother (or any one close for that matter) if they did that to me... ;_;

I STILL thik this stories messed up... D.

Please update soon...again!

(Hehehe I'm imagining Sonic with aloe leaves sticking out of his head XD)
8/23/2009 c10 6Genesis.BlazingShadow
god, lady, you're f*ing evil. IM NOT READING ANYMORE!

And I'm gonna send that GenesisBlazingShadow a piece of my mind in a PM... how DARE he rip off my name AND my idea!

o wait... that's me...

lol. that WAS sudden, but you managed to pull it off without it being TOO ridiculous.

as for... errors... not a good idea to use and/or in narration... and you omitted the word 'eyes' in the first paragraph.

use a synonym for 'extremely' because it sounds... childish...

and, my own personal rule, it'd be a good idea to use a substitute word for 'butt'... bottom, posterior, rear... i don't like the B-word.

other than a few gramatical mistakes here and there, it's pretty good!
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