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8/23/2009 c9 SilverLuna77
Oh wow, you honestly Never give werepup a break do ya?

...I still like this story but it's just getting all the more grosume the more I read it...

I really HATE werehog (wish he'd just crawl under a rock and die... without Sonic dieing of course :P)

And Shadowpup should really stop taking advise from his former self...

Please update soon!
8/22/2009 c9 5Monster-House-Fan92
Yes, you are evil! Cliffhangers drive me nuts!

I'm going to guess that Shadow's gonna get quite a beating from Weresan.

Good chapter, I can't wait for an update!
8/21/2009 c9 6Genesis.BlazingShadow
I see what you did ther...



looking forward to next chapter... this chapter was actually pretty well written in comparrison to some of your other chapters. Good job!

Keep writing!
8/19/2009 c8 2HyperShanic01
okay, FINE. i vote. dont change it okay? geez.

and i swear, in night of the werehog, werehogs eyes are brighter than normal

one more thing

*facedesk* on the dance
8/18/2009 c8 1TheSigmaEnigma
awesome fic poor shads go old shadow
8/18/2009 c8 5Monster-House-Fan92
I've read the entire story up to here and I really like it. It's well written and I can't wait to see the rest =)
8/17/2009 c8 SilverLuna77
...I don't like it when Sonic yells either...he just doesn't seem like the type. Poor Shadow (seem to be saing that alot latly) now he's afraid of Sonic alittle...

Dang, this story is really angsty, it's starting to be a bit to much! O_o But I must keep reading! D

(I really hope werehog doesn't take over Sonic...for good...)
8/16/2009 c8 6Genesis.BlazingShadow
Why you gotta call me out like that? I'm not THAT evil.

Nice addition, can't wait for the next chapter

Oh, and...

8/15/2009 c7 2HyperShanic01
You know that im indecisive about things and thats why i dont answer the poll ^-^

the collar was... new.
8/11/2009 c7 SilverLuna77
Wow... now the story is getting really serious! :O

Not like it wasn't before or any thing... and I count that as a cliffy I think you should take the collar off of Shadow...the little dude has enough to deal with already...

As for if you change the relationship I say just let the original relationship evolve into the new one over time.

(Not very creative I know... ^_^;)

I already suggested a title but I can put another if thats ok...

Solar Freedom or Lunar Bindings

Please update soon! :D
8/10/2009 c7 6Genesis.BlazingShadow
Interesting. It's magically kinky!

Keep writing!
8/7/2009 c6 2HyperShanic01
Lol, thanks for reminding me of the fanfics, i forgot all about them. o.o

I havent been on cause i am on pc ban, but im on on the mornings mwahaha.

LOL, my favorite line:

“He’s so care-free, it should be illegal.”


Nice how you let werehog come in at the end, and i hate your goddamn cliffhangers
8/5/2009 c6 SilverLuna77
Thanx for replying to my comment, and of coures updating. :)

No! Not a cliffy!

Oh, well... Cliff hangers are natural

But PLEASE update soon! This is the peak of my day! :D

And yes I think you should make Sonic and Shadow's relation ship more parent child-y!

For a title suggestion maybe-

Love by day, Hate by Night

Or somthin'

Again please update! ^_^
8/5/2009 c6 6Genesis.BlazingShadow
Nice! Another chapter finally. Either keep up w/the long chapters or update daily!

As for the description of 'wereshadow', I assume he's blackish-grey with scarlet streaks in his quills and on his arms/legs.. no gloves probably, and he's probably missing his rings? Probably ALOT shorter/smaller than the normal werehog... probably a 'to-scale' larger white crest on his chest since he's in werehog form 'permanently', or the crest is about usual size since he's so young.

Of course, what I'm not sure about are his shoes and rings... if he's smaller, either the rings fit him barely since he's in were-form, meaning his arms are friggin' larger than normal. I assume he's not wearing shoes (or socks for that matter) since he's a 'puppy'.

just trying to help :P

update soon, I'm subbed.
8/1/2009 c5 SilverLuna77
Birdman! :D (And yes I absolutly love Shadow Angel!)

It's kinda trippy that Shadow Pup can see his past self, and ya know talk to him...

And I'm happy (yet for some odd and twisted reason disapointed) that Shadow Pup is healed!

Please update soon, for this is a very original story that I love! :D
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