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2/7/2022 c1 58clairebare
hello. hope all is well with you. some real poetry in this. struck me to the heart. i know it was a long time ago but let me extend belated thanks to you for writing it. clairebare
7/30/2017 c1 1Munkeyfump20
Oh so sad but thanks for the read
3/26/2010 c1 12boutondor
Love the last line. Great one-shot!
7/14/2009 c1 5earthlydreamz
Wow, that was amazing. Loved it! Is that bad then, since this is a mostly sad, thoughtful fic? Either way, I think I felt my heart break at the last line. Great writing. :)
7/12/2009 c1 32Divinia Serit
Aw! I love bus poetry :) I just got back from a weekend off to finnd 30 new e-mails...good grief! I loved it (as always) It was a nice little study on the 'why not' of the relationship.
7/11/2009 c1 cureless
it was beautiful .. you made a very amazing job

it is so simple yet very true..

the last line has to sum up the whole Jane/Lisbon relation ..
7/11/2009 c1 23Arcadya
Ack! This line was freaking fantastic. I almost choked on the brilliance of it.

'And the day he realized that, he realized that a broken heart could still love. It just couldn’t show it.'

My heart almost broke then...I hope you're happy!

No, actually you should be, you totally got me there, like - touched my heart. I'm impressed.
7/11/2009 c1 40SpaceAnJL
Those last lines are beautiful. And rather fabulously arrogant. Even in his grief, Patrick Jane still becomes the centre of the universe, without which no-one else can function.
7/10/2009 c1 3lgmtreader
Wow, that was really moving. Your story is very descriptive and comes alive... poetry of a different sort, a beautiful word-picture.

I just watched Red-handed again last night - remember the scene where he was trying to sleep? Poor thing. Even there he couldn't.

So you are in Seattle. I was born there, and we moved to Kirkland (Juanita/Finn Hill) when I was 6. The parental units are still there. I like how you've been inspired by poems on the buses :-)
7/10/2009 c1 117superwoman1015
OH! So heart wrenching, I loved it! So touching, so emotional, so just so good. Loved it. I love that you're inspired by the things you see on the bus everyday. Great way to be inspired.
7/10/2009 c1 sneezing-piglet
oh my gosh. amazing piece of work.
7/10/2009 c1 11House Calls
Aw! That was more sad and poignant than angsty, IMO. And very nicely done, too.
7/10/2009 c1 25PhoenixWytch
Stupid reasoning Jane.

Thanks for writing.
7/10/2009 c1 1mwalter1
Ah poor Jane. I think if he would reach out to Lisbon it would help them both.
7/10/2009 c1 23Habeous Corpus
a big w00t for bus poetry! This is godd good stuff going on here.

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