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for Into The Woods II: The Mirror and Rose

10/5/2016 c7 Cowshitwoman
Of all the abandoned fics out there, this is the one I wish could have continued the most.
4/26/2013 c7 happyguineapig
Cool story. Again, please don't let Brina's story not be happy (as the true Little Mermaid story is; with the sea foam and angels and knives and not cool stuff).
4/26/2013 c6 happyguineapig
4/25/2013 c5 Guest
hey! I love it! this chapter could have been cut in two though. Whatever, it was still good!
4/13/2013 c4 happyguineapig
I still find it cool that you know how to make magic baked beans. This is really good so far, and I loved that she dreamed of her prince! Keep it up, although in one part you said "Quickly and stealthily, so as not to wake her sister, Beauty leapt out of bed...", which didn't make much sense. I find the word 'leapt' to signify rushed throwing the blankets aside, which would wake up someone else in the bed. Other than that, I love it and will continue reading!
4/1/2013 c1 RandomGuest
I like it, and it is cool that you know how to make magic baked beans.
5/6/2012 c7 26Serrenedy's OC's
I love this story. Your writing story is fantastic and it actually feels like the oiginal. You manage to do all the fairy tails perfectly and it

s wonderful! Can't wait for more.
8/8/2011 c7 10storyteller221
Good story! Please continue, as I would love to find out what happens to all of the characters.
8/3/2011 c1 JenLuvsCake
I have only read the first chapter and im loving this. You have justified the beans, my dear =^^=. Cant wait to read more-though sleep calls first-and i look forward to it! I must say, though, at first, reading about the princess and the pea's Serefina, i was shouting that you should have named her Winefred ((from Once Upon a Mattress))...just for the sake of keeping a witty musical theme...but after seeing that you went with the Beauty and the Beast outline on that, i couldnt see good ol Fred being that mean, so im glad you used another queen lol.
7/2/2011 c7 3Anna Marie Raven
Whew, what a read! Don't worry about long update time, as long as the chapters are so massive!
6/6/2011 c7 8Commander Alice Shepard
Good to see Beauty has some fire inside after all! I was afraid she was going to be very quiet and withdrawn about her imprisonment, but it seems I was wrong!

Great work,as always-I always enjoy this story :)

As for late updates,never worry about those. If someone's a truly dedicated reader,they'll come back to the story as though it's been a short time, no matter how long you take!
1/5/2011 c6 3Anna Marie Raven
Awesome. But they've got the same written language, so won't that make it really easy for her to explain her story/ the fact that she's his rescuer?
1/4/2011 c5 Anna Marie Raven
So, the baker's father... Frexspar? Abandoned his family to go and found another as the Governor of Munchkinland? Haha, I enjoy the little bits of insight into what must be some of your other fandoms in reading this story!
1/3/2011 c4 Anna Marie Raven
Amazing chapter! I love the ties between the characters, the references to the original story, and also those references to other media; it all fits together exceptionally well and is highly entertaining!
1/2/2011 c2 Anna Marie Raven
Very cool so far. I have yet to grow too terribly attached to Puss in boots, but otherwise, nicely done!
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