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for When in Rome

10/9/2011 c2 kukuki
5/22/2010 c2 10Vedda
It is too late to get the attention and continue the fic?
1/25/2010 c2 79837281933210
zomfg this is an awesome story! i REALLY like the way you tell stories, and this so awesome and exciting and awesome. please update soon this story is so perfect i want to read more aghaghagagh
1/18/2010 c2 Ravyn713
OMG BEST Superjail fic I've ever read! please please please update SOON!
9/13/2009 c2 2Cattivo

Okay, I LOVED the in-depth bit you did about Jacknife, first of all. It was just so... It immersed you so EASILY, because of both the interesting background to Jacknife here to the flow because of something as simple as word choice. :3 You've carried and wielded that very well here, alongside making everything as interesting as if it were canon.

And the Warden was definitely awesome here too! :D LMFAO the posing as a doctor, I lol'd. And good god, you definitely ended the story on the perfect note, since now I'm wondering what he's got planned for Jacknife.

MEANING YOU BETTER UPDATE AGAIN SOON. :3 There's a curb outside that you can bite if you and other authors here let this section get overrun with annoying Mary Sues.
9/13/2009 c1 3ReaderOfNeatThings
I like your story so far. Please update soon. -LAG;p
7/27/2009 c1 33tere moto the sentry
Different, very different. Unusual yet insightful. I like the whole "When in Rome.../insanity thing. I'd imagine it would take a certain skill to make an AU fic interesting and not so confusing as to turn the reader off. And you seem to have that skill.

7/11/2009 c1 2Cattivo
You probably already know what I'm going to say, but TOO FAT here it goes.

For an AU Fic, I seriously felt as engulfed as I would be if I were reading canon. And to be honest, I can't really say that about most AU fics since changing around the situation occurring in canon tends to brutally murder the personalities of the characters. (And better yet, the author uses the fact that it's AU to excuse the fact that they've murdered the characters. Cheesus Rice.) But I think you definitely pulled off fitting everyone into this new warped figure of reality, from the Mistress right down to Jailbot, even if it's a simple enough role as an old blocky computer it fits in almost seamlessly. :3 And not many AU fics can say that.

And this is my opinion disregarding the fact that this was well written, yet another rarity in most fanfiction. I just love the way you describe things, the way the characters interact, it just flows since you have a nice word choice and the descriptions are just right in their moderation. In other words, I adore this. :33 AND I WOULD LOVE TO SEE MOAR.


Myup, and with that, I BID YOU A GOOD MORNING.

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