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for depression can hurt others

5/15/2010 c6 6SquallsCorner
*hands cookie* good story!
9/24/2009 c6 5reddoggie
yay! glad that you decided to do more!XD id feel relieved but at the same time, feel bad for the next kid, if i was sora. no more bullying, but another gets to be tormented. riku is a bully! um, question, why would zexion not want kairi to know he was cutting? thanks for updating!QQ
7/31/2009 c5 51Inuyashagirl2015
No offence, it was good and all, but wasn't this supposed to be ZexionMarluxia? Or did it say ZexionDemyx and i just missed it?
7/16/2009 c5 5reddoggie
aww~! isnt vexen so nice? i think thats cute even if he isnt~! okay that wasnt nice... but namine sure doesnt give one enough time to tell them their leaving. example. marlys case and now zexion. shes just like your moving, or leaving, cause its against the law to have you. pretty straight forward.XD

thanks for the chapt~! i guessed by chapt title that zexion would be leaving. im glad he doesnt have to go back to his mom and brother~!QQ
7/15/2009 c4 reddoggie
yay~! namine got the medicine! and sad~. marly had to go. im guessing he liked him(zexion)? and thanks for telling me! what a mean brother zexion has and his mother too! gr. i wonder if marluxia will ever come back. and i hope zexys medicine will work!

hm. thanks for the chapt! yay~! xaldin is here! although im not sure if i should be cheering since he had to come to this place? oh well. thanks for updating!QQ
7/15/2009 c4 Chirali
Wow life's being hard on Zexion.
7/14/2009 c3 reddoggie
dang. thats not good. poor zexy has depression~! gah. where is his brother? is he just the cocky jock? i at least hoped he would be the supportive brother, but considering how his mother acts, im not sure.. and that really sad about his dad~! *cries* dang. sometimes life isnt fair.

i hope they can help zexion get over his depression! but not like hell be cured in a day. it could take a while. and thanks for the chapt update~! it was good~!keep writing!QQ
7/14/2009 c3 Chirali
Aw Poor Zexion... The flash backs are so sad D:
7/13/2009 c2 reddoggie
yes an update~! oh gosh, what kind of mother does zexion have? not a good one.. i thought that funney how roxas got held back three times~!XD and i like how zexion just tells everyone like its nothing. maybe he just doesnt care? marlys being funney! sleeping with zexy, cause hes afraid of the rain slash thunder. i love it when it rains~!3

thanks for the chapt #2!-woah! i just noticed the chapt title! uh oh. that cant be. depression starts. nope. hmm. you have good chapt title names! i consider that a talent. and i like your writing~! keep writing~!QQ
7/12/2009 c1 reddoggie
hah! zexion and marluxia are like opposites! probably on purpose. but. i wonder who zexion will get to me next chapt~! yay~! thanks for the the first chapt~! i hope you keep writing~!QQ

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