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10/26/2018 c4 Guest
OoO. I liked Jack’s “sexy dance”
1/7/2014 c4 Umeko
The three make a great team. Nicely done with the inclusion of Stoker and vampires into the mix. I can definitely picture a character like Lord Beckett being a vampire.
7/25/2009 c4 50Jennifer Lynn Weston
*Ahem* There are really only two things wrong with this otherwise matchless chapter: my mouse caught fire when I got to Jack's diversionary strip tease-the bill for replacement of the crispy critter will be along directly...

And the other was in the last two words: "The End"

Sob! all right, I'll be good, after all you gave us another adventure unlooked for so I AM grateful-just greedy!

Seriously, the sensuality of Jack's dance (and his remembering and using the showgirls' provocative dance moves from his storied past is a scream of a detail) is warmer than many an explicit "rut" between the sheets in other stories.

And first the dire picture painted of their situation and then the explosive action is first rate. For all the three simultaneously battling multiple foes, you describe the action with a choreographed clarity that makes a vivid and utterly comprehensible scene. Not easy to pull off and very well done here.

I kind of figured from the date, the bearded scribbler lurking around was Stoker, but great fun to have-as is his due-the inclusion of the father of the modern vampire tale.

Just hoping other plots will occur to you in this unique but delightful universe you've come up with.

7/23/2009 c4 11sm.bean
What I find most interesting about your stories is how you have woven Jack, James, and Mare into actual historical events without them ever straying from their PotC personalities. And please pass a cigar to James for becoming a father!

7/23/2009 c4 fizben08
I really enjoyed this story, the 'action' scene where they were fighting was so vivid, I could see Jack vaulting across the room to hand James the sword. The relationship between all three of them is so lovely, I always knew, even during the Curse of the Black Pearl, that Jack and James would get along in another life, and here you have proved it. The factual details you provide always help to carry the story along; while I've seen photographs of the city, your describtion of Prague has encouraged me to look at taking a city break there, it sounds wonderful Thank you yet again for writing, and I really do look forward to more of your wonderful tales. (Although try not to encourage me to take too many trips to far flung places, it could get very expensive)
7/22/2009 c4 10royalpinkdogs
yet again...wondrous, perfect, inspired.

And Jack doing a strip scene-oh too marvelous!
7/22/2009 c4 Elendila
(This is smithkingsley... thought I would comment here for a change!)

I just read chapter 4 and it was awesome! I love those tense moments when it seems as if James will be forced to make a choice. OMG! That kept me on my toes throughout. And the end just made me squee so hard! Dracula is one of my favourite books ever.

(May I ask... what is the unrequited slash that you mention in the summary? I couldn't see any evidence of that, and I wonder if I missed something?)
7/22/2009 c4 51orpsgod
Congratulations on another wonderfully thought out and well written story! But as with all your stories I am loath to see it end. I do hope you are working on the next? Thank you for writing and posting this. :)
7/21/2009 c3 50Jennifer Lynn Weston
Haven't been able to comment for awhile but just wanted to say I am so delighted to see you continue this "universe" and with such a suspenseful adventure involving all three of them. Heh, having Jack on the team in this is like bringing Dennis the Menace along, but I so like his resolve to stay with Mare as James stayed with him when he was abducted and try to protect her. But boy is the plot thickening! Wouldn't you know the wily vampire would have a paid "mole" or two in milady's household. They are all in the soup now!

I like the introduction of Mare's pregnancy with their little girl, Lysee and the vampire's resemblance to Lord Beckett. He had the personality for it; one wonders if it is indeed him or a relative. Creepy how he admires the "beauty" of both Jack and Mare in the graveyard when he offers his "gift".

Very happy mouse...

7/21/2009 c3 36meowbooks
Well, an adventure isn't one at all if there are no storms to weather.

“Much as I’d enjoy witnessing that, such an ill-mannered display would be likely to get us ejected from the premises. Therefore, I am going to be the nobleman. And that’s that!”

Ah, James, ever practical and quite right.
7/20/2009 c3 1simply anonymous
oh.. well, that sucks. i hope they get out of this all right. i can't wait to see what happens next! =]
7/18/2009 c3 51orpsgod
The plot thickens and the suspense intensifies. Nicely written and as always waiting anxiously for the next installment. :)
7/16/2009 c2 orpsgod
This story is definitely something to really sink one's teeth into. (sorry mate, couldn't resist) Wonderful second chapter. One can almost feel themselves on the streets of Prague, and in that cemetary as well! Very nicely done, and as always anxiously awaiting the next update. :)
7/15/2009 c2 36meowbooks
Beckett or someone who looks an awful lot like him with new fangs or perhaps an enemy ploy to confuse our intrepid time travelers?

This is looking to be lovely. Mystery, creatures of the night, unwitting victims, and worthy pursuers. :D
7/14/2009 c1 51orpsgod
I have been so looking forward to this and it does not disappoint! Wonderful intriguing start to what no doubt will be another of your masterpieces. Please do update as soon as possible. :)

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