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4/10/2016 c2 ZalelTribal
Nuuu continuuuuu
12/14/2010 c2 4Wren Truesong
Apologies for phone typing. Innkeeper wasn't named that I saw, and Nell is lovely. But the boys are lovelier. You just want to snuggle them to death! But Yuri would bite...
9/2/2010 c2 2AiFire
love the story! when will the next chapter be release? can't wait to read it! ^_^
8/17/2010 c2 Guest
This too is something along those lines of indescribable. I am in love with how you write these characters, and I myself will be cosplaying by late of next year, I hope that you continue to write in order to continue to put out more information onto the web about Vesperia. The fandom is smaller than I would have hoped and it's good to see that some people really do care for the characters.

I hope all of your stories continue going well, I will be checking back regularily. You can look me up here: http:/ if you message me I would be more than willing to get to know you better. We do have common interests after all.
7/1/2010 c2 13590ahdfjighka
I loved reading this! It's very well written, and you've written them in character really well!

But the conversation at the end has left me on a cliffhanger! I like that, it keeps the reader hooked, and you've also written them in a way that you know what's going through their minds or how they're feeling!

Hope you update soon!

6/2/2010 c2 5Ana Paula92
Ah - so cute. Just read it, and I really liked it.

Will you keep this up?
2/18/2010 c2 RyokoYuy
So cute! I look forward to seeing what develops!
8/31/2009 c2 Guest
Dear Strawberry Champagne:

You are awesome. Keep up the good work.



P.S.: I really liked the introduction to this chapter. It captured the emotion of the first scene perfectly.
8/29/2009 c2 2Rarusu
I love this story so much! I loved how you put in how Yuri loves sweets and how Flynn pointed out his purply hair XD
8/29/2009 c2 34Baby Kat Snophlake
o.O “But it’s some kind of black-gray-brown-purple mixture.” What about just calling it "black"? That seems kind of... meaninglessly long-winded.

Other than that, I think we're going strong. I'm a bit curious about what's going on, but I'll keep my guesses to myself, hehe.

Update soon, ne?

7/19/2009 c1 CBK
Oh my, a sequel of sorts! Sweet!

There really needs to be more fanfiction like this one, keep it up, okay?

7/18/2009 c1 16CrystallizedPen
Woa, a new story about Kid!Yuri and Flynn. Yeah!

Yuri sure is naughty even when he was just a kid. Climbing the roof, and stealing money and gets chased by the Knight. That's just so like him. You understand the character well.

Does something happen with 'Flan's father'? Update soon,'kay?
7/17/2009 c1 5badculture
You are a cliff-hanging fiend.

In other news: I'm officially taking you off my story alerts and putting you on author alerts instead.

I love the way you write Yuri and Flynn; it's so nice to find a writer who puts so much personality and feeling into writing admist all the ZOMG1!1 SLASH! around these parts. Reading your stories feels like getting to know some old friends a little better than before.
7/14/2009 c1 34Baby Kat Snophlake
"Muttering a particularly colorful curse that he had learned by keeping his ears open but that no one had ever bothered to scold him about,"

That's quite a mouthful... I think it's already a given that an orphaned kid like Yuri would have no one reprimanding his bad language, and on the same token, I don't doubt Yuri would hear those words to begin with.

"What was his name? Flan?" Yuri has a better memory than that... ;P I know a few days went by without talking, but would a kid really forget the name of a friendly face that quickly?

But despite that, still a very good job. ^-^ I like how they are portrayed, really. Still small and not old enough to fully solidify their manners, but you can see where the adult behaviors come from. I'm glad to see more of the situation you've set up. Keep going!


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