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4/19/2012 c15 Sakura Hinata Brogan 1990
I absolutely positively love it! Pretty please with a cherry on top update it!
10/24/2011 c15 silentdove93
Wait what was in the bag?

there will be a sequel right? ...Right?

7/24/2011 c15 4annea101
there is a sequel right?
7/11/2011 c15 1azxJenS
Uhm... What exactly did Alex give Mai?
5/22/2011 c15 4lucero1142
i love this story and i would like to have a sequal or another story about them. i would also give you a list of powers that mai can have but first i would like to give you a character of mai's family that gave mai her powers in the first place.some one that has more power than anyone could imagine(what i am saying that person is a god/goddess or some one as equal to a god.)( lets just say he's a grandparent to mai even though the character looks young). i will give you this character and its profile so you can use/barrow.( i can give it to you but know one thing is that i may use the character in one of my stories someday so if you don't mind i can lend it or borrow it to you if you want to. here is it's profile in case you want to use it.)

character name: asa rose(first name meaning: born at dawn)

gender: male (in true form: male/female)

birthday: July 10th (in true: form doesn’t have one)

age: 200 (looks 18 but says he's 23)

appearance: waist length and straight super light brown hair and eyes are light redish brown (make it so that he can wear anything)

personality: calm, collective, very helpful,serious, sometimes a fun jokster,a mix of both mature and childish, shy till he knows them, he can get overly protective and hard working person he is a supergeinus and finished school and surpassed everyone in everything and anything when challengedhe may not look like it but he's kind caring person who will also protect his friends and family. he's happy but is very wise and never backs down. he can get serious when it involves matters of life and death and can get really nasty when someone or something angers him but that doesn’t happen often. If provoked he shows his true self.

main passion: painting, designing, acting, modeling, filming, cooking/baking, cleaning, dancing, singing, fixing things. and music

talent: all

skills: all

psychic power/powers: all

hobbies: almost anything (he very picky in some parts)

interests: in using anything to bring happiness to any one

favorites: color brown, fun things , easy things, new and old fashion clothing, all or any movies, any music, food, computers, art, books, and flowers, anything about food, history, miths and legends, anime otaku fan, and last is money

least favorites: really bad people, bad cooking, bullies, listening to people who are controlling or thinking they are better then him, and untrusting people, bad clothing, very complicating things, and lack of supplies, not enough money, unclean or unorganized(after all he is sort of a neat freak but at a minimum), false history, non finished things, and being treated as a child

fears: being alone, lose those you care about, being locked away, not having any movies to watch, and not having a friend, and no paintings any where, and not having the truth told

job: painter, designer, baker, musician, and a model(very famous but anonymous)gives people free stuff when he feels like it, to pass the time he paints and sell his paintings, he also makes clothing, he works at a lot of places but has lots of free time to hang out with family and friends

true form: hair and eyes stay the same His cloths are a mix origin because he's a god (but wears modern kimono clothing)the color of the clothing are like his eyes (brown mix with some red and super light brown) and his true weapon is a staff but has a mix with modern and classic look (the base is brown with a red diamond top)his weapon can do anything as long as he can imagine it, and can change form and size when not in use.

here is the list of what powers and others that i added that mai and the character have. use this if you need more ideas of what powers they might have. have fun.

Psychic power/powers




Astral projection

Charms and barriers


Illusionist and hypnotism



Read minds and send messages

Heal anything at a fast rate

Bring anything to life or take away

Create any/everything

Know any/everything

Control time

Change appearance and gender

Grant wishes

Bring back the dead

Have shinki

Make many/any shinki

Money appear out of nowhere


Control al natural/unnatural/supernatural elements

Godlike powers etc.

Perfect medium

Foresee any/everything

Miko(shrine maiden)



keep up the good work and don't let nothing stop you. bye bye.
10/25/2010 c15 4Seithr-Kairy
Would you please gave us more in sequel?
9/4/2010 c15 9HandsomeAngel
Wait, what was the gift? Is there going to be a sequel or something? Please tell me there's going to be a sequel, Magemaster-sensei.
9/4/2010 c6 HandsomeAngel
Naru just lost an arguement . . . to a squirrel . . . ROFL! NICE, MAGEMASTER-SENSEI!
5/2/2010 c6 3Hard-Knock-Life
Holy Shiznits! That's kinda freaky. My B-day's on June 28. anyways, luv the story.
3/18/2010 c2 Star Call
i really like the spirit animal refrence it's different and intersting :D my spirit animals are the wolf and tiger so far ;)
1/8/2010 c1 2heavenslilagl420
this was a very interesting story great plot as well. I would love to see where u would go with a sequal if one were to ever cross your mind. ;) hint hint. I very much enjoyed reading Forest secrets. Keep up the good work an hope to see more of your writings in the future
12/21/2009 c15 11LynMcCallum
I want to know what's in the box! And it's such a good story! I laughed so much at Naru! His spirit animal was a cat! Serves him right!
12/13/2009 c15 2FallenRaindrops
Nya what's in the box?
11/8/2009 c15 23Liris
This is really good, and can we have more? I for one want to know what was in that bag Alex gave to Mai. More, please? *puppy-dog eyes*


10/27/2009 c15 jgood27
I loved your version of Ghost Hunt, I hope you continue this story
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