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for Do You Think You're Safe?

3/26/2019 c2 Guest
It takes a water ghost to battle a water ghost. Someone go get Myrtle!
7/26/2015 c2 James Birdsong
Excellent. I am so happy you wrote this.
10/3/2012 c1 2MyCatDoesMyLaundry
Okay there is two stories that i thought would never be a crossover and that is Harry Potter and Ringu wow
5/18/2012 c2 31MiyukiShinodaMindFreak
This is REALLY cool. There should be a continuation...
7/22/2011 c2 5EchoRoses
I like this please update soon :3
7/4/2011 c2 c22q11.2
You should really update this, it's fairly well written and I'm curious to see if anything interesting happens.
11/18/2010 c2 1axel100
Great story! Why did you stop?
11/11/2010 c2 2accioeternity4
Good story! Keep writin'!
4/27/2010 c2 1Mewlexii
THIS IS FANTASTIC! YAY! Please update soon...
12/13/2009 c2 The Drax
This has awesome potential written all over it. Write more!
12/2/2009 c2 16Jiang Qing
Please, please write more! I want to know what happens!
11/21/2009 c2 9666-HyuugaNeji-999
Continue! Pwease ^_^
7/25/2009 c1 6myrskytuuli
I hope you are going to continue... pretty please

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