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10/11 c118 Guest
brilliant bloody brilliant
10/4 c172 Guest
This is great! Please keep going!
9/26 c172 Saeestarrer
Is the story finished yet or is it cut off in the middle? 'Cause I don't really want to stop reading right now.
9/25 c132 Saeestarrer
Xenophilius Lovegood is Luna's father, implying that he would be almost the same age as the marauders, if a bit older. That further implies that Peter's dad won't know him enough to believe him over the 'Prophet', and would certainly know better than to listen to someone half his age bragging about the Ministry policies.
Thanks for listening.
9/25 c108 Saeestarrer
Sirius couldn't have been able to perform the Summoning Charm since he was six! At least he'd need a wand in the first place... Please change that. And btw I really love your stories, especially the third person speech parts. Thank you so much!
9/13 c96 2Toronto and California
Oof! Poor Rémmy boy!
9/5 c118 Erin.butler.04
this was amazing! just some real quick slang slip ups, cart trolley, outlet plug socket but other than that it was a really good chapter! 3
9/3 c98 Erin.butler.04
your'e AMERICAN?! Omg I thought you were British! So far, so good. Keep it up! 3
8/22 c34 Erin.butler.04
Ur brother is really cool? Can we swap? Mines reeeaaaalllyyy annoying DX
LOVING the story btw 3
8/6 c126 Guest
I completely agree with this reaction! Both how remus reacted and james. I always felt that the fanfics in which they stop talking for a few days/weeks is unrealistic
8/3 c107 Guest
aww, sirius is sO cute!
7/31 c172 Thalia Grace
This is the best Marauders story I have ever read in my life! Please update!
7/28 c6 12miniandminie
Nice chapter - as always!
7/28 c5 miniandminie
I'm really enjoying this story! It's welly written. I don't think you have a problem with pranks (yes, this is quite late to be saying so)! This prank was honestly funny, I cracked up while reading about McGonagall sitting on it. I like how you start to personify the Marauders. It's really lovely.
Look forward to reading more!
- Minie
7/27 c2 miniandminie
Ooh, I just started reading this story and it's so good! Merlin, it's brilliant. I can't wait to keep reading, I absolutely ADORE Marauder era stories, and you write it brilliantly! The way you write is so detailed and perfect.
Onto the next chapter,
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