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for Noises or You Shouldn't Believe What You Hear

10/14/2014 c1 Guest
Haha! Bonkers Joker kit... that was absolutely hilarious! Great job!
7/8/2010 c1 3Roxy43
Haha, I love how dirty things sound when you dont know what people are talking about. Awesome story, btw.
4/1/2010 c1 15inuharrytwiclique
HA HA HA! I don't think i've laughed this hard in a long time. the very end was the best because i could just see him looking up innocently to him and asking if he'd been serious about that! Oh, this was aweosme!
3/22/2010 c1 3Dreamerkath
*gasps for air* That was hilarious! XD I almost died. Nicely done, poor poor Ginny though! Extensive therapy will be in order.
2/5/2010 c1 4jordancekismet
Hahaha, genius :)
11/13/2009 c1 18Nayeli
hahaha, poor ginny and her dirty mind! :D
8/19/2009 c1 Binka Fudge
Hilarious! But what on earth were the twins doing fishing galleons out of a loo?
8/12/2009 c1 asdfhjsf

cracked up laughing!

well done...amazing!

Poor Ginny..X
7/20/2009 c1 satoz

most excellent fan fic
7/18/2009 c1 2Hamlet's Psychiatrist
You make me happy.
7/17/2009 c1 yukidaru
Ahaha, its so funny a bj. But you know they wouldve known the actual term for it though so it wouldve seem awkward.
7/16/2009 c1 4FredWeasleyLivesOn
HAHA funny

ahh poor little Ginny
7/16/2009 c1 25Kiwi le Smoothie

That was so fuuny ! xD I really love those kind of quiproquo, and the last sentence just killed me... x'D

Well done :D
7/15/2009 c1 3Killing Curse Eyes
That was good lulz. xD
7/15/2009 c1 2Kakuzu Hyuuga
OMG! That was so wrong Ginny is going to need some serious therapy! XD
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