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11/26/2010 c2 7Dreamin'OfABlondeFang
you guys are the best writers ever...If you ever need a character do not hesitate to pm me

im full of ideas :)
7/29/2010 c2 miki
i understand ur pain...SCHOOL NO TIMES ND STINKIN COM BREAKDOWNS! ugh!
7/11/2010 c2 Miki
UPDATE DEMIGOD CHATROOM, AND OUR JOURNEYS OR U BE HEARING FROM MY FATHERS (THTS RITE! IMA HYBRID!) & APOLLO AND HERMES! sry sorta bipolar...i need sum ice cream...? -faithful reader miki p.s. I M IN LUV W/ NICO WOO!∞!
7/9/2010 c2 Miki
update or ill die (at least ill c nico!)
6/13/2010 c2 3betinia08
3/1/2010 c2 1TheEvilSmileyFace
2/6/2010 c2 1xXTheWingedOneXx
This is good. I like the makeup raid that was epic!
9/14/2009 c2 2Bibliolympian
when are you gonna update? i keep on checking your stories, but NOTHING new is there!
8/25/2009 c2 6Science Meets Fiction
Very good! I can't wait for the next chapter. I like the funny details you put in there.


Ya Sas Artimis
8/17/2009 c2 deactivateddeactivated
:) funny! I liked 'You are a lying liar that lies!'
8/2/2009 c2 Miasaki
ahaha... nice... you've gotta continue, this is pure TAWESOMENESS.
7/16/2009 c1 3Ash uh ley
you guys are the funniest people on the planet (and possibly in the universe)
7/16/2009 c1 6Science Meets Fiction
Hahaha, this story looks amazing I can't see what happens next! That or it's really crappy and I can't tell because my friend came home from the hospital having his rare desise contained and I'm too happy! Ye!

Keep on writting,

Ya Sas Artimis
7/16/2009 c1 7Coco96
hahahahhaha cute... ugh i hate cheerleaders! stuff her in a frickin locker please!

update soon!

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