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for The Beauty and the Tragedy

9/7 c17 OneWriterGirl97
Even reading it again 7 years later… still sad but oh so beautifully written
6/23 c18 sapphicsummers
i just read this whole fic in one go bc it captured me so much! thanks for writing!
8/26/2022 c18 50-861-8274
Your story is beautiful and heart breaking
8/26/2022 c1 50-861-8274
7/15/2022 c18 HangingFromTheSky
Beautiful writing, beautiful story.
6/28/2022 c18 PlainOlWriter
I cried so hard
5/16/2022 c18 Boothbabe22705
Jesus Christ you certainly know how to tear a person’s heart completely out. I hate reading BB death stories but I read this over a few days in May 2022 just 13 years after you wrote it and I’m sitting sobbing like a fool. It’s was absolutely beautiful and the epilogue perfect because I believe they did love each other so deeply that they would be together again-one of my favorite and call me corny but I don’t care, is Somewhere in Time and the same thing happens.
I’ve not had anything near this kind of love story but I guess who does in anything but fiction? But I still wanted it so if I only get it through your imagination then I’m ok with that.
It touched my heart really deeply so thank you so much-I hope you’re still writing so many years later and thank you -
5/16/2022 c17 Boothbabe22705
I absolutely loved Booth’s proposal. Having him just get hit with the rightness of his most important people being there together in the rain-just perfect.
Loved this story
5/16/2022 c16 Boothbabe22705
Loved the quick changeover when Booth said he loved her especially:

This….you and me..this is it, alright?" Brennan moaned, low in the back of her throat, as his fingers stroked, his lips rounding against the line of her jaw. "Forever…"
5/16/2022 c15 Boothbabe22705
That was too good! Your dialogue is fabulous and so well rendered. I have enjoyed this entire story
5/15/2022 c11 Boothbabe22705
Goddam I love how you write them. The only sad thing was Cullen. I really wanted him to have Booth’s back.
5/15/2022 c9 Boothbabe22705
Jesus you know how to tear a person’s heart out! I’m an emotional mess
5/15/2022 c7 Boothbabe22705
Crying my eyes out several times through this story. It’s good but can’t wait to see the resolution
5/15/2022 c2 Boothbabe22705
Soooo enjoying this!
5/6/2022 c16 Guest
The idea and writing is good but this story is way too repetitive and drags on forever. Angela and Bones have the same conversation about 10 times, the time between Booths death and his return goes on way to long, Bones and Booth and the nightmares goes on forever, the mountain cabin, the serial killer stuff, and Bones' injury was all unnecessary to the story, and the hosptial stuff also lasted forever lol.
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