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for The Beauty and the Tragedy

7/28/2012 c11 Guest
Please make this part 2 of wannabe in the weeds please u need to this is way better than the other ending I need to see this on a tv
7/27/2012 c9 Guest
Wow I can't put this down I've watched hours pass by while I read this and I think that when booth realized Brennan was living in his apartment well that was sad and one of the best parts.

Thank you for writing this
7/27/2012 c8 Guest
I have never ever read a better book in my life thi gazillion times better than the ending of wannabe in the weeds thank you
7/20/2012 c4 5como-la-florr
God, no matter how many times I read this...I continue to cry!
7/15/2012 c18 Miranda
I read this a long time again and just reread it again - beautiful, beautful story! You are a very talented writer - your writing evoked such heart wrenching emotions!

I look forward to reading more of your work!

Thanks so much for sharing w/ us readers!
6/26/2012 c18 1bellachaos
Good story. Your description of Brennan's grief really resonated in a physical way. You gave her a lot of feeling and growth but kept it in character.
6/25/2012 c18 6impalathief67
This story was so beautiful. Completely so.

I don't really have many words at the moment-your epilogue made me start hardcore sobbing twice and my brain hasn't quite come back yet. All I can really say is that it was absolutely fantastic.
5/19/2012 c18 301FaithinBones
Ok I'm glad I was at home by myself when Ireland this last chapter because you definitely made me cry.

This is a great story and I have to tell you Lady are the Queen of Tears. You really are very good at bringing out the emotions of the characters and the emotions of the readers. Good Job.
5/19/2012 c17 FaithinBones
I've really liked your story. Too bad episode 100 happened and the Bagdad Barbie. We are in a better place now. Yes I know We have a tad problem but it will work out and then Brennan can propose. I would like to see the show handle the proposal the way you did. First Brennan and then Booth in the rain which I thought was very romantic.
5/19/2012 c16 FaithinBones
The cliffhanger is very cruel. HaHa
5/19/2012 c15 FaithinBones
She definitely needed that. So did Booth. Very powerful chapter. Your story is written so well and it is very compelling
5/19/2012 c14 FaithinBones
Brennan's fears are really a problem for Booth as well as her. They need to figure out how to get her to accept that life is life and that it is uncontrollable.

Loved Parker. You write him so sweetly.
5/19/2012 c13 FaithinBones
Those are some powerful dreams she's having.

I love Parker. You are writing him so well.
5/19/2012 c12 FaithinBones
She is very pissed.

Another good chapter. I didn't consider it filler. It seemed like important things were going on.
5/19/2012 c11 FaithinBones
Really nice chapter. Very emotional Very Booth and Brennan. I loved that Brennan didn't want to admit that she actually needed Booth in her life. I thought it was very Boothy for Booth to refuse to leave the hospital.
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