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for The Beauty and the Tragedy

7/29/2009 c8 nanetto
OMG this story is so great, i hope booth knows what bren did to herself. please post soon ! thanks
7/29/2009 c8 3quigely
Greatest chapter ever! I love the way you wrote about them seeing Booth for the first time since the funeral... about the toxins. Love it!

I CANNOT WAIT for Bones to see him! SO EXCITED!
7/29/2009 c8 3jmbatt
Ah, I loved that Angela got so physical and angry with Booth. Even if he didn't know that Brennan wasn't informed, he deserved a punch for making the squints think he was dead. Also liked that he became ill when realizing that Brennan didn't know, and then furious with Cullen. Can't wait for that confrontation. I'm glad you're the fly on the wall and will report back to us all about it! Now, don't let Brennan die with Booth back to being alive! I really don't want her injured, but I have a sneaking suspicion that it might happen. Please say I'm wrong! oh, and PPS. Two chapters in a day would be wonderful!
7/29/2009 c8 robacar
OMG! Love it, love it, love it. I cannot wait to read the Booth/Cullen confrontation. Please let Angela tell Booth everything that Brens been going through.
7/29/2009 c8 8evergloweyes
Angela is amazing, enough said. I can't wait until Booth actually finds Bones and I hope she doesn't end up in too much trouble before he gets there.
7/29/2009 c8 5ehliza
Oh the suspense! :) I love it and every single day I wait like crazy for you to update (totally adore you for the fact that it's pretty much daily).

I kinda hope Bren will get some time to do something stupid... just to have Angela yell some more at Booth.

I just hope that Booth will find out about all that Brennan went through?

Yay I'm so in love :o) I love this kind of angst.
7/29/2009 c8 MamaCat07
Ek! There goes that blasted teenage squeal again. I'm too old for this sort of reaction. Amazing. "Fear breathed into his ear like a monster..." Wow. And the song choices are absolutely perfect. I'm officially a DEVOTED fan. :)
7/29/2009 c8 Lady Hamlet
Thank you Angela! I do feel bad for Booth, I really do, but Angela was awesome!
7/29/2009 c8 17Jdragonfire29
I am so unbelieveably hooked on this! Please do us all a favor and do another update tonight! :)
7/29/2009 c7 12housexbonesobsession
Awesome chapter! The end of the last one was REALLY misleading though. I thought he was gonna tell her! I was excited. I like the fact that Brennan is starting something, and Booth is finishing something else. And even though the fight between Bren and Ange was really, really sad.. it was really well written and realistic. Great job. Update soon, please! I can't wait for more.
7/29/2009 c7 8silver-wings124
Love this Story. I am really curious to know how Brennan will react to Booth being alive and how she will find out. Please update soon. :)
7/29/2009 c7 Dobbi
WOW, loved this chapter. Excellent story, can't wait to read more.
7/29/2009 c7 Wein des Lebens
Amazing story. Please update asap. Fantastic job.
7/29/2009 c7 Megan Sarah
WOW...I just found this story and read chapters 1 - 7 in one sitting. So much angst, I LOVE it! I am really enjoying the friendship between Bones, Angela and Hodgins. I can't wait to read more.
7/29/2009 c7 ribbonsfallaway
Aw this story is so sad. Brennan seriously needs a hug. I have been rereading, and like trying not to cry, it's so good. Poor Brennan, but I hope Booth finds her soon. I really love what you are doing with this story and can't wait for you to continue, I hope Booth finds out she doesn't know soon, and I can't wait for the reunion. Looking forward to how you have Brennan find out Booth is alive, and how Booth finds out Brennan is suffering over his supposed death. Can't wait for an update. 3.
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