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12/19/2020 c1 Guest
Can this person read the future or something because in 2020 Stephanie Meyer comes out with the book Midnight Sun (twilight in Edwards pov ) and the bar is called Midnight Sun (and was written in 2011 )
8/20/2020 c24 TeamRosemmett
Please update
6/17/2019 c1 Guest
Hope you continue to write more and finished this story. Thank you for sharing your talent with us
4/19/2019 c17 Ariana1234567
Are you planning on continuing this story
2/26/2018 c24 10nbrian72
Can't wait for the update.
12/18/2017 c1 Guest
there's some grammar issues in the first chapter. Like when you were talking about Edwards behavior saying" his behavior is keeping even the most aggressive THE ladies away"

That weirdly placed "the" was all you!
8/18/2016 c24 1BellaCullen060
I really like your story only I found it strange it hasn't been continued. In the update you say you will soon replace it with a chapter. But this story was last updated in 2011. Now it is 2016. It really is to bad. I liked the story
6/15/2015 c3 jk
why does every story have bella uncoordinated, blushing constantly, no self esteem, thnking shes plain, and acting like a fucking moron?
4/12/2015 c24 Guest
When is the next chapter coming?!
9/3/2014 c23 PLL92gal
I Can't wait for more!
11/14/2013 c24 tbens
hi wondering if u intend to continue with this fic?
9/8/2013 c24 15katiecav
I just re found this story after having originally started reading when you began posting. As an author myself I know how frustrating it is when RL and writers block interfere with stories. I just wanted to say how much I love this story and the characters and I hope that you do manage to find the time to finish this wonderful story.

2/26/2013 c24 1Yin - Yang M
Please update soon
2/5/2013 c24 Karen Day
Looking forward to your next chapter. I hope Bella and tanya have a face off!
12/3/2012 c24 cmtaylor531
Really was enjoying this story hun... I hope you find the inspiration to finish it again one day.
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