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12/10/2010 c1 4Loulabelle
I know I’ve already reviewed the first few chapters but that was so long ago (Sorry!) and you’ve changed the chapter format slightly so I’m going to start over again (One of the very few perks of having two accounts on FF). I may have to do the reading in parts but know that I WILL get myself up to date very soon and then you’ll be wishing I wasn’t cos I just know I’m going to be begging more :P I thought I’d have more reviews to post at this time (since I was on the train for 2hrs and reading/reviewing pretty much the whole time) but I forgot how long it takes me to write reviews :P But here we go... I love Bella’s bar :) I want a bar like that to open up near me. I’d be in there all the time. Jess is so bold when she’s talking about how ‘unordinary’ she is lol That girl knows what she wants and she’s not afraid to go get it. I do not believe that what she wants to do to Edward is in the best interests of all parties involved though :) I think Mike should go jump off a bridge *nods* yep, yep, yep he should. I can’t wait to start reading the rest. NEXT CHAPTER! *charges*
12/6/2010 c22 dizziestdaydream
You tricked me! LOL. Congratulations on your promotion!
11/26/2010 c2 Hmmm
:D I forgot to sayy , I love this story. :)
11/26/2010 c1 Hmmm
OHIO! :) Better yet ; it's Cleveland. ;D Dang. Wonder how that is gonna change the story. (;;;
11/26/2010 c19 Bunch2009
Aww Edward is so endearing
11/26/2010 c17 Bunch2009
I like how Angela thinks. Great chapter
11/26/2010 c15 Bunch2009
Great chapter
11/25/2010 c14 Bunch2009
Aww that was very brave of Edward... Great chapter
11/25/2010 c13 Bunch2009
There something fishy about Jane. Thank goodness for Alice. Great chapter
11/25/2010 c12 Bunch2009
I think Bella is overreacting but I don't blame her. Their relationship is so new and the foundation is not that strong. Great chapter
11/25/2010 c11 Bunch2009
If she does not trust him their relationship is not going to go very far. Great update
11/25/2010 c8 Bunch2009
I hope they are strong enough to stand the intrusion and distance. Great chapter
11/25/2010 c7 Bunch2009
Thank goodness Edward came to save her. Great chapter
11/25/2010 c6 Bunch2009
I am glad he told her. Great chapter
11/25/2010 c5 Bunch2009
Aww instant attraction.. Great chapter
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