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6/29/2011 c23 jtmd24
Alright, I owe you about 22 more reviews but I wanted to tell you I love this story! And the fact that I live in Oberlin and know every freaking place you mention in this story just makes it awesome!

Anyway, I'm writing a review for this story on the Pretty in Fic blog. I'm sure they'll send you a link to it when it's been posted. I hope you're going to be updating soon because I'm dying to see where this story goes!

Tara (jtmd24)
5/18/2011 c5 MoniNP Monica Nopi
Hey...I got curious about this story, since its banner shows up a lot in the threads I hang around over in Twilighted..I am loving it.. =) - M
4/13/2011 c23 NewEngland2912
love this story!
4/5/2011 c23 pattie vaughn
dont know i you will do more but its awesome so far
3/26/2011 c23 TheLeopardBrightsky
Must. have. CHAPTER! I'm going insane here!
3/19/2011 c23 2Ellie Aluinn
Late comer to this story and thoroughly enjoying it!
3/14/2011 c20 9timidvampire
the image you have painted of Edward playing was fab!
3/13/2011 c18 timidvampire
i wondered where you were going here with Leah.

loved this x

Edward's thanks was lovely.

I think Sexy Charlie is great! xx
3/13/2011 c17 timidvampire
you have done such a great job with Lauren here, she is awful! loved it. x
3/13/2011 c16 timidvampire
i read the out take of this chapter and it was stunning! worth waiting for! xx
3/13/2011 c7 timidvampire
this was so good.

Remember me. watched it the other week, and cried like a baby at the end. x
3/13/2011 c6 timidvampire
really enjoying this story! x
3/11/2011 c23 4Michelle M. Marie
Yayyy! I'm all caught up!

You know, the meeting with James and the other people close to the film was perfect. I can't believe that I read a James that wasn't evil!

Wonder what the f is up with Jane...hmmm...

Anyways! I'm so glad to be caught up and happy that I was able to read what you have written. Thank you so much for sharing this with us! Such a great story! ;)
3/10/2011 c14 Michelle M. Marie
Hahaha Mary? Seriously. Too funny!

I was wondering when Edward was gonna show up. Yayyyy!
3/9/2011 c11 Michelle M. Marie
Here's the angst! Heh heh.

So...yeah. Maybe Edward should have told Bella that Tanya was his ex girlfriend? Huh. Oh well, hindsight is always 20/20, right?
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