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7/21/2014 c43 13creativesm75
3/3/2012 c1 1riderofsmaug
I stopped reading after the first chapter. Reasons:

1. "Something" conveniently made Aizen hesitate at exactly the right time for Yamamoto to stab him?

2. Ichigo lost his powers because he died. How did he regain them so quickly? Yamamoto ordered some Shinigami to restore his powers the same way Rukia did? That process carries of risk of killing the participants. Ichigo and Rukia were lucky it didn't kill them the first time.

3. Let me get this straight. A sixteen year old hot-headed teen, and two former enemies of Soul Society were made captains of the Gotei 13? Just like that? A captain is not chosen simply because of power. He has to have experience, not just in battle, but in politics and administrative affairs as well.

You really need to work and flesh out the story to make it readable.
1/16/2010 c10 21Marisol Akyri
Haha. Glad to see the quote has indeed made it to your page xD

I'm trudging though este story, and getting it,at least I have witnessed a few fights by now? I figured substituing some crazy magic voodoo attacks for the names I don't know. Good enough yah?

Gar just go and write your new bleach fic now. Rawr -,-

I still say near dying will make me happy. Have both light and near die at the warehouse? L comes out and does some awesome L thing?

Eh, one can hope yah? (and I refuse to believe nothing in that book didn't match precisely you.)

but that is a mini-argument between us for another day,
1/12/2010 c6 Marisol Akyri
Like the addition to the Idiot's Corner. Or maybe i just didn't catch the whole "paste this if you're the 96% who bleive in god," blah blah stuff the first time around.

Yes I don't feel that lost in the story yet! Which is good. I'm chipping away on my own time,like with IT. Lol I've been in the summer of '58 for a week now,heh.

But besides the point. Let's see how the action plays out here. And rawr death note fic. I demand it -.-

Por favor~? haha. Yup. Cool.
1/9/2010 c30 Ms. Pena
Your death scene was intense; you setup the emotions well with the flashbacks. So yeah, it was rather emotional. And I’m glad you had him die by her blade. It shouldn’t be any other way.
1/4/2010 c2 Marisol Akyri
This lilynette seems annoying so far. I like it. Nothing like having (I assume a juvenile?) totally havig the ability to beat up guys twice her size, and thus makes a fit on saying she can't get a drink. I have a feelin this stark guy has a lot to put up with.

And I know enough about ichigo to find it amusing he is in some positin of power. Which means rukia is the one totally handling all the "boring" stuff he doesn't want to do yes? Ah what a system.

And dun dun dun! Cue evil souls time? They're called hollows right? Yay I have retained memories from chap 0!
1/1/2010 c1 Marisol Akyri
After I have consulted wiki for some clarification, now this isn't as lot to me as it was. I like it. I told you ID like it, if I ever got around to actually liking and/or reading bleach. Which I'm doing. Sigh. (chapter 0 is long for a chapter. I'm guessing they're all like that? Sigh. Anywho, I shall continue to read this as I either progress in the manga (somewhat unlikely), or read more on wiki (much more likely).

Lolz. Tis good. I haven't for the life of me understood how such a probly awesomely long fic isn't apprecited as much. Take my reviews if u must! I don't want em! Haha.

So yeah. Yup. Si. Yay for being maybe the first review of this decade?

12/25/2009 c14 NightOwl
M! I'm loving this. Your story is making me remember why I loved long fics.

So far, my favorite battle has been Kira vs Yuka. The end to it was brilliant.

But maybe I just liked it cuz I didn't like her...

This story has lots of twists. Twists are love. I hope you got more up your sleeve!
12/25/2009 c9 CulturalSponge
I must say, you have a way with words. The description is superb.

And the fighting scenes are writen very well! I know action must be hard to write, but you do amazingly well at it. The fights match perfectly with the background music from the anime.

Your story is very entertaining. I can't wait to keep reading.
12/25/2009 c5 Godess
I'm really enjoying the story so far. You've got a good plot and you write the characters spot on.

Can't wait to keep reading. Good job.
11/27/2009 c43 5Peter Skirata
great story. loved it. enjoyed how you had Starrk and Harribel be captains instead of Grimmjow and Nel. very original. will there be a sequel?

Be safe and well

Slop Doggy
11/22/2009 c1 4King Of Nobody
OMFG this story was pure kickassness I just loved it, keep it up!
11/21/2009 c43 BadyGuz
The story complete!.Thank for the story!
11/21/2009 c43 2ShadowGOUF
yes that was a great story good job.
11/21/2009 c43 Fat ppl are harder to kidnap
this was a very good story man liked how u man stark and lilynette and halibel into soul reapers and all in all good story hope u come up with a good one but if u do i got a couple of ideas for stories if u want em
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