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9/12/2009 c32 2ShadowGOUF
agh no sigh. I'm ok update when you get the chance.
9/12/2009 c31 3CrimsonFeatherz
Wow, I'm really enjoying this story! To be honest I'm surprised that it doesn't have that many reviews. But anyway, I can't really do anything but hit you with a whole bunch of praise here. Your fight scenes are EPIC, I don't know how you can write them so good. The characters don't seem OOC at all and the storyline is solid and well thought out. I was sad that Gin died (although I guess it couldn't have ended any other way) but other than that I've loved the whole story. Good job and I hope you update soon. :)
9/10/2009 c31 2Goku76
Very good story, can't wait to see Yamamoto's Bankai.
9/10/2009 c31 5Renji9031
Fan, this is Shit. Shit, Fan. Yama-jii's Bankai vs Aizen. THis is gonna be good... God, you and your cliffhangers. Not that they're bad, they're just getting repetitive. It's like watching the last episode of Berserk over and over and over. You might wanna work on that. Other than that, shit has officially hit the fan.
9/10/2009 c31 2ShadowGOUF
9/7/2009 c30 5Renji9031
Oh yes, the battle of good and evil. I can already taste Aizen's blood. Eww, but still. Also, the death scene was one of the better ones I've seen in Bleach. Better than some of Tite Kubo's, in fact. Hooray for Aizen-sama? What the fuck, Kubo? Seriously. Now I gotta steel myself for the Yamamoto vs. Aizen fight by listening to the opening for BlazBlue.
9/6/2009 c29 Bonnie
Im surprised you have only got 8 reviews! I like this story and i can't to see what happens =p
9/3/2009 c28 Renji9031
As we say in the little group of friends that I hang with, fan, meet shit. Gin with Bankai. There are probebly more than just those 2 blades, right? I mean really now. so, let's sit back and watch the shit hit the fan, shall we?
8/29/2009 c26 Renji9031
Oh geez, now they're stuck inside Fura's stomach. What the hell? How does he even eat? He has no visible mouth, only the thing which vomits up Menos.
8/27/2009 c25 Renji9031
Wow, what a wild ride. I seem to be the stupidest person alive. Not knowing that Enzai was simply an anagram of Aizen. Loved the last few fights. It's about time we saw Byakuya fuck someone up royally... why did that damn Shirosaki have to interfere with Grimmjow, and why the hell does he have a Segunda Etapa? THis is such a wild ride. Can't wait for more. I hope Aizen gets fucked.
8/27/2009 c1 Daneel Olivaw
Yamamoto defeating Aizen : Way too easy, simply BS

Stark Halibel Lillinette joining gotei 13, Way too easy simply BS

Ichigo dying simply from being hit by a cero : BS

So fate seem to be on the side of the good guys that's way too easy...
8/22/2009 c24 5DreadGod
hey love the story its a shame more people havent reviewed its a great story anyway love the story so far plz continue
7/27/2009 c4 oneluckyduck Sponge Fan
I actually thought it was going to be Wonderweiss...heh, funny thought there.

Great story! It is interesting. Though, I wonder-how did Ichigo explain his absence from, you know...life?
7/23/2009 c14 4SemperVenice
I think my only criticisms so far is that I would have expected Hinamori and Hisagi to be promoted to captain of their division, not transferred to be someone else's lackey. Also, I somewhat bothers me that Ichigo isn't dead yet he's serving as Captain. How does he divide his time, surely the Soul Society is no place for him to live out his life... or did I miss something early on that explains this?

The concept of the Arrancar being integrated into the Soul Society is very appealing to me simply because I think that throughout the manga some of them have been shown to have very human sides that one can sympathize with. Also Stark is just totally badass, he needs to live just on the cool principle.

"La llama que se funde!”- Please correct me if I translate it wrong... "the llama that melts itself?". For some reason that made me smile. :-)

I hope this review satisfied you. And please be assured I did not mean to offend you with anything I said. :-P
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