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10/23/2010 c1 12Kamiko Kiyo
The second chapter was basically the same except for the explanation, which I found too rushed by as for the solutions and how thngs were going to be ffrom now on, and intoductions. It's sort of like you made a mary sue, but you did it for this situation, too perfect, too fast, too easy.
7/19/2010 c17 1InvaderReader119
amazing! plz update soon! im beggin u!
5/2/2010 c17 unknown
good job i really liked it plus the beach thing i like rational Kaoru better then the other Kaoru and y r there always typos oh well it was good none the less
4/15/2010 c8 3hydro-serpent58
Guinea pig spies? Don't you mean G Force?
4/11/2010 c14 sista abigail
WOW! I just live your stories. And, sorry if I'm so dumb, I'm guessing that Kaoru and Butch are your favorite couple,right? Keep on working on your excellent stories. :)
4/9/2010 c17 dont try to change me
o this is getting good i hope you update
2/14/2010 c17 animeskullgirl16
wooah Kaoru dont dump butch you luv him! lol this story is awesome! plz update soon! I cnt wait till the nxt update
1/12/2010 c17 existential-despair
omg this has to be one of the best PPGZ stories i've read!

aww i luvr butch/kaoru :D anyway i hope you update soon :D because i really liked this story pls pls pls pls? *does puppy dog eyes* plzkaythxbai :D
10/16/2009 c17 bcbutch4ever
you are an awsome writer plz plz plz PLZ write more

i think it would be cool if kaoru said "can we go now?" and butch said "one more punch" you can add what kaoru said next but i just think that would be funy if butch said that.

you are a way good writer i couldin stop reading tell i got here
10/9/2009 c17 2Invisible Hearts
Yay! Great story! LOVE IT!

Way better than mine anyway ^^

Keep writing :D
10/3/2009 c17 FreakEY
Hi! long time no see each other again!

you must continue you know?

of course you know... hee hee n_n
10/1/2009 c17 6Elouise Victoria
Yay! You're writing again! *does a happy dance*

Kaoru: I think she's finally lost it.

Butch: *arms crossed* probably.

Me: Please, make the couple stay a couple! Butch! Don't do anything stupid!

Kaoru: Butch? Don't do something stupid? HAHAHA! *we both burst out laughing*

Butch: Shut up! I can be smart!

*we stare at him, and we burst out laughing again*

Me: U-Updat-te s-soon! AHAHA!

The Reviewer Princess,

Elouise Victoria
10/1/2009 c17 finished-8.17.2009
Ack! Don't break up with him Kaoru! Don't! Butch! Control yourself! Sheesh...



10/1/2009 c17 MISSxANONYMOUS
Yay!Finally up!
9/30/2009 c17 40marinav92
Me: ...Kaoru is being..rational! The world will end! xD ok now

still i don't think kaoru would say something so rational...maybe something among those lines but not so deep in them...

you know, i can't understand myself, forget it my homework is burning my mind. I've gotta go :) great work!
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