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for Rocking the Boat

12/3/2023 c3 anngirl25
Jskajajsakkajsa estoy fue maravilloso! Jane está tan loco! Asumiendo que está embarazada y tratando de cumplir sus antojos imaginarios jajjakaja
8/5/2022 c7 smurfyday
This is comedy. Thanks for the laughs.
8/3/2022 c6 smurfyday
Thanks for this wonderful piece of comedy. Jane should get some comeuppance once in a while.
8/3/2022 c5 smurfyday
It's rare for me to laugh out loud, but this is off the wall.
8/3/2022 c4 smurfyday
This is hilarious. Love to see Jane jealous and acting weird.
8/3/2022 c3 smurfyday
Jane's slowly going mad, I love it
8/3/2022 c2 smurfyday
Jane can't be this calm about things we know he isn't ok with, too paraphrase Abbott.
8/3/2022 c1 smurfyday
Uh oh. Jane's in trouble...
10/19/2021 c7 Angeleyes31102
This was so fluffy and sweet! Loved it!
11/14/2019 c7 BS
Cute story.
2/28/2019 c7 Anon.Y.Mouse
Hahahahaha... awww, funny that Lisbon doesn’t get what Jane means till he literally spells it out this time & that Jane loses his capacity to be suave around Lisbon. Jane interrupting Lisbon’s call with Cho and her reaction to that were amusing :-) What will Cho think especially when Jisbon announces their engagement? The bit at the end about Jane hoping there is no cure to his Lisbon fetish was sweet. A great fic all in all!
2/28/2019 c4 Anon.Y.Mouse
Haha, Jane is hilarious just assuming Lisbon is pregnant & being protective accordingly - no wonder Lisbon is angry with him and puzzled by the lack of context. I look forward to reading the rest of this fic. Keep up the good work!
10/17/2017 c7 SaiLena
Wonderful story! I really enjoyed it!
7/30/2017 c7 1Munkeyfump20
Oh so sweet thanks for a very good read
11/10/2015 c7 North Coast
This was delightful. I hope that you see this review so you know that people are still enjoying your stories.
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