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2/2/2006 c1 iluvjonny
hi this is like that cross-world thing verin talked about in the third book.
4/6/2003 c2 Riks
Intrestring Idea, but it's sort of bland. Randi doesn't seem like a real character at all. Do you know _anyone_ who could be -transported to a different time- and just shrug it off? I sure don't. And Rand is horribly OOC - he's a suspicious person in the books, but here he just shrugs off a strange girl waking in his bed? No.
1/14/2003 c3 Guest
Its not nice to make such an interesting story and not finish it!

Come on! Start Typing!
10/13/2002 c3 2Toimi
Interesting little story. You should continue it. ^^
4/21/2002 c1 1Bryne Payne
Nice unique spin the WoT

Caught my interest in a way no other fan fics for this subject have!

Need to read more!

2/14/2002 c3 5The Flying Cabbage
EEEEENteresting, but good. =) I guess it works being that Ilyena was pretty much divided into three, but the girl thing, though cool, makes incompatable magic, I think. Very well written though. Kudos!
1/30/2002 c3 Wildkat
Oooh ooh, that was really good! I NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT!
1/6/2002 c3 Medea
Great story! Love seeing a smart female character in wheel of time-land that doesn't think all men are idiots (at least, I hope she doesn't). Please keep going!
1/2/2002 c3 9Alarun
oh whoa, this is soooo awesome! Keep going!
1/1/2002 c3 Adeshina
Well, this story kinda sucks.

Well, good idea but its very poorly written, terrible dialouge, everything just seems akward.And when does this take place?

Sorry but...no cigar.

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