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for Chekov Can't Lie

7/29/2009 c7 52SpirkTrekker42
Hehe, oh this story is just PERFECT! Oh, the angst! The UST! I can't believe Jim shouted that in front of the ENTIRE BRIDGE including SPOCK! I love it so much.

Update soon!
7/29/2009 c7 6SeventhTatar
bwahahaha!lolololol omg that was so funny!i loved it! is that distinct lack of noise everyone staring at me? yes Keptin. yayayay!
7/28/2009 c7 68VergofTowels
Aw, Jim... XD You are such an idiot!

With each chapter this fic engages me a little more. I can't wait for their 'discussion'! :D

(One little thing: I think in the fourth paragraph you mean 'proceeded', not 'preceded'. ^^;)
7/27/2009 c7 42B.J. Sanders
Is it bad that I laugh at Kirk's misfortune?

...I thought not.

7/27/2009 c7 karmapolice28

7/26/2009 c7 Nana-Riiko
HAHAHAHAHAHAH. oh my god, AMAZING! i about died laughing :D i love this story, you're doing a great job!


7/26/2009 c7 48Kadasa-Mori
I got to

"“I don’t love Spock!” He shouted without thinking. That, of course, is when the lift decided to open up its doors to the bridge."

and literally slammed my face into my desk with an "Oh crap!"

My head hurts but I can't wait for the next chapter!
7/26/2009 c7 DeleteForever97
Oh wow. Poor Kirk. I don't usually like Spock/Kirk, but this is really well written and look forward to reading more. The scene when Kirk and Chekov are in the lift is really good. I can so imagine Chekov saying that , and the bit where Kirk shouts " I don't love Spock" , has my family looking at me strangely and asking why I'm giggling to myself. Please update soon
7/26/2009 c7 2maggie2mw
wow, haha, trouble trouble...
7/26/2009 c7 24Lemon Icee
I'm positively giddy with anticipation C:
7/25/2009 c7 59MirrorFlower and DarkWind
lol hahahahhaah kirk fails nice job lol i cant wait to see spocka nd kirk alone lol kirk needs someone to bash his brains in for him to see his feelings for spock lol nice job
7/25/2009 c7 PolarStar
Aw, poor Jim again.;)come on, man, just get it over with and live happily ever after!

I like this!
7/25/2009 c7 AlmightySeaKelp
Yay adorably awkward Kirk. :3

Your style of humor just plain cracks me up, which is inconvenient when I'm trying to eat my delicious sandwich. Yay for humor, boo for lack of sandwich. But I forgive you. XD

ZOMG confession time! Can't wait! :D
7/25/2009 c7 21Srta.Kinomoto
Poor Spock!

Poor Jim!

Can't wait for the next!

Ja ne. ;D
7/25/2009 c7 13JadeMac2442
This story amuses me to no end! I love that Chekov can't keep his mouth shut, and that Jim's foot ended up in his mouth. He's always doing things like that. Spocks seems oddly aggressive at the end here. But I like it when Spock does that. Can't wait for the next one.
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