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for depression, self harm, and jealouseness?

9/26/2010 c6 2RISING FLURRY
This is an okay story. The story plot is great just try and capitaliz.
5/15/2010 c6 6SquallsCorner
I love your story... I have been looking for a story like this for like for ever
5/15/2010 c1 SquallsCorner
I like it so far keep writing! and i want anything from Zexion!
1/20/2010 c6 5reddoggie
aw! thanks for updating, and i wonder if zexion seriously heard everything. it wouldn't surprise me. i can't wait to find out more so keep writing! hopefully zexion will have a better life now!QQ
1/16/2010 c6 4KorayDen
Put more actions into it. It is really good though with plot. Wouldn't mind reading some more of this.
10/25/2009 c5 5reddoggie
wait! did xion just tell 'the younger ones' what xmenas told her NOT to? great. now i bet zexion heard because hes in the same room and is going to suicidal on us. nice xion. this is just what im guessing! thanks for updating!QQ
8/29/2009 c4 reddoggie
yes! id really like you to do a sequel, cause i loved the first!;) and from the title of this chapt, does that mean xion or zexion, one of them is going to die? nothing against xion, but i hope zexion lives! thanks for updating!QQ
7/29/2009 c3 14Shiang
Interesting story - I'd like to see it updated. Grammar seems to be a bit of an issue for you, though... Uh... Can I help you out with that? But, anyway, yeah, update soon please.
7/21/2009 c2 3Rixah
its cute ^.^ i like it, personally.

you could use some help with grammer though, lol. no offense intended.
7/21/2009 c2 5reddoggie
woah. im dense. i never noticed that "depression can hurt others" was finished? meh. i probably didnt see the 'complete' sign or somethin. just so you know! i liked the ending of it! although i wondered what happened to marly? cause he loved zexion and didnt get to say good bye to him before he left. least dem and zexy get together at the end im assuming.

ah, yes. supposed to review this chapt. whoops!XD zexion just seems to be having rotten luck. did he try to commit suicide in his room when axel found him? and now this! i hope hes okay. cant wait for it to get more interesting! thanks for the chapts! oh. and i hope you make a sequel to DCHO!QQ
7/21/2009 c1 reddoggie
i liked the ending where larxene is like 'dont listen to them, they tried to hit on me too'. im sure they learned their lesson after that. *snickers* thanks for the first chapt~!QQ

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