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9/3/2011 c1 faireyfan

I read your review of Always an Edward and smiled because I had just said to midsouthmama in our pre-reading notes that I felt privileged to read LiTS' stories. Great minds and all that, so I thought I'd come read your story, and I'm glad I did. This is a wonderful o/s. I loved the innuendo and the pacing and the ending.

I really want to read your other fic, but hate Twilighted, however the quest for great fics was never won by being a wuss, so I shall be brave. See you there.
6/16/2010 c1 keyecullen
Interesting with all the innuendos. Clever. Strange and a whole lot more adjectives! LOL!
1/30/2010 c1 deenerneener
I'd guessed that the heft in Bella's hand was not what one would normally assume it to be in a fanfic rated M. However, I did NOT guess that said heft would turn out to be a handgun.

Quite an amusing little piece for that reason, despite the abrupt and, well, final, ending. (I'm actually surprised I've only encountered 3 pieces among the stories I've read where one or more main characters meet their demise.)

I was curious, though: who are the A or D or G, who could as easily replace B, in C's world?

Thank you for sharing the products of your active imagination!
12/18/2009 c1 bouncy 72
That was written quite differently. It was pretty sad though, firstly because she's not loved (well at least it doesn't look like it) She's leading a shitty life...& finally I'm guessing that they both die. Edward's an asshole. I assume B&C stands for Bonnie & Clyde?

Good read, thanks bb :)
9/27/2009 c1 4Mrs.TheKing
Wow! Bonnie and Clyde, love this. It would make a cool full length fic. I love you songirl.
7/23/2009 c1 bklover08
OMFG!~ I read this thru twice and still - wow, it just caught me and grabbed hold and I absolutely can't tell you the electric thrill of coming to the end and nearly stopping my breath as they speed off the cliff - Good God - this was all kinds of awesome and so unexpected! *Five stars!

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