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3/2/2010 c12 4sophia666
You've really made me love the growing relationship/attraction between Blake and Andie. as well as the other characters, such as Moose, Felicia, Chase. great writing.
2/16/2010 c12 19mysillywritation
I'm loving your story. Please update soon :)
2/9/2010 c12 3Cheann de na thit
well, I've finally got around to reading and reviewing after bugging you to update quickly, in my defense I was on a field trip last week. Right review... all I can say is LOVE! Brilliant chapter, really nice interaction between all the characters, although I still can't wait to see the back of Edie, Blandie all the way, she s sort of growing on me as a character. Can't wait to see where this is going :D hint write more hint.

one more thing, dancing in a waiting room? cool :D and I so want a picture of Blake's expression a the end xD

2/4/2010 c12 10Lady Avotil
Great update! I want to see what happens next, but...a ballet dance in the waiting room of a hospital? A bit weird if you ask me, but I kinda like it...^_^'...
1/27/2010 c11 14MisSs005

Amazing chapter, but then again- I didn't expect anything else!

The Edie-Andy interaction was very promising..

The only " minus" I could detect was the length- but well, that might be connected to my skills in being "patient" (NOT!).

Lookin' forward to your next update!
1/26/2010 c11 12Reuben deFlash
Yes I enjoyed it - damn well give me part two! I loved it as usual, because you always make me laugh and the characters come alive through your story. It suddenly twigged, although I want Edie to DIE and Blake and Andie to get together...poor poor Chase right?

Loved this line...

“Well, you better kiss and make up soon. I don’t want any bad vibes surrounding my proposal.”

“Would you stop calling it that?”

“What? It has a nice ring to it. Pun intended.”

It just made me chuckle! And also, being British, the parts about how British Edie was...HAHAHA. x
1/25/2010 c11 3Cheann de na thit
sorry, been on holiday and only just got back. Awesome chapter as always, Edie is brilliant, in a bad of course :D. Can't wait for the next installment, you promised it would be up quickly this time ;p I want to see how the rest of their date goes, and I sort of want to see Sophie berating Moose for showing her up in front of her role model :D

1/24/2010 c11 20Megara1
Hi !

That was a really good chapter, but I was really disappointed when I read it was the part one, I totally expected to read more really soon, to have the ballet and some good Blandie interaction !

On that chapter, I loved all the different reactions about Edie, liked a lot Sophie comparaison with Toys'R'Us, and for me Chase's reactions showed us how he is not good for Andie.

Also I liked the fact Edie noticed Andie speaking of Blake as " Blake " and not as " Mr Collins ", even if it will give more problems for Blake and Andie.

1/24/2010 c11 UDHPTGQ
Great chapter! I loved both reading it and knowing there's another coming soon ;)
1/24/2010 c11 13xxxTrojan-Princessxxx
Another great update!

Thank you!
1/12/2010 c10 12Reuben deFlash
Um, I believe I told you about that Will Kemp Gap video, or at least I think I must have, because I told EVERYONE with eyes that work. I mentioned it in one of my Step Up fics, for Pete's sake! But it is the best. And I clicked it as my favourite. There really are no words for how good looking that man is.

Oh my.

So, new chapter - I've been gone a while too; this chapter was immense and once again, you did something not many other writers on the site do - you made me LOL. Repeatedly.

I'm excited for their coming together as it were; silly Blake, why'd he call Edie.

Oh I love a showdown, and romance.

1/8/2010 c10 10Lady Avotil
Oh! I want to read the next chapter! This is, like, so unfair! I want to see what happens next - it's starting to egt interesting and then the chapter ends...So, please, write/[post the enxt chapter a.s.a.p.!^_^
1/8/2010 c10 13xxxTrojan-Princessxxx
Yay! Another update! And I must say that it does not let down! I look forward to reading more.
1/2/2010 c10 6Invisible.Words
Looking forward to your updates.
12/29/2009 c10 14MisSs005
Yay! Another chapter!

Anyhow- I love the way you build the tension up and don't have them making crazy hot love in a time line of seconds.

You're obviously portraying this transition between acquaintances-friends and friends-something more.

And this Edie twist kicks *, btw.

Keep on delivering this amazing job,please..!
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