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1/19/2013 c27 1N20
Hi ! :)
I don't like endings too! I'm really sorry for your lost. I'm glad you are writing again. I am in love with this story! This chapter was sweet. I hope you will post another chapter soon.
Take care of you :)

1/16/2013 c26 A
Hey! Look, I've being watching and reading this for a while now, I've even added this link to My Favourits and I tend to check this everyday, but there's nothing changing! So I wondered... Are you even continuing with Bring Me Flowers? Becauce I'd really like that... x Sofie
1/3/2013 c26 Allyse
10/4/2012 c26 fal
wowww...! Awesome..when i first saw Step Up 3,i wanted this blake and andie thing to happen...n i guess dis is d only fanfic doing it so yeah, cool..!
I love this fanfic n i want it to end fast...so u better upload fast..! Great work! :D
9/23/2012 c26 Guest
I L.O.V.E your fanfiction ! Please update :D
9/14/2012 c26 ellie
wow. okay, so i rewatched step up 2 tonight and was immediately bored with chase and very aware of the chemistry between andie and blake and then i found your story. it's now 5 in the morning an i read it all. i love it! so very much, you are a gifted writer and you really have a great great way of writing these characters, they become so real and lovable, more than they do in the movies. even if they were on screen, you brought them to actual life. i love it, really, one of the best fics i read in probably forever. you should be writing novels, my dear friend. i'm speechless (even if this lengthy review would suggest otherwise). :)
8/31/2012 c26 N20
Hi! I don't want this fanfiction to end! It is so good. The ending is cute xd
7/31/2012 c1 HungryHeart
This story Is AWESOME, can't wait for more Chapters.
7/14/2012 c25 6tyfi
update! update, pretty please. i've been reading this story since the beginning and have never given up! don't give up. it is soooo good! please?
5/24/2012 c13 1N20
''No more cheese before bed'' That was hilarious! Don't hate your writing, to me your writing is really good. When I read your story, it's like viewing a movie.Your skills in writing are really good, I forgot that I'm actually reading!
5/24/2012 c12 N20
Awwww! The end of this chapter is so sweet! I like the fact that, even though Andie was with Chase and Edie with Blake, they were always ''searching'' for each others. All the characters are well describe in the story. Their personalities are credible with the movie. I love this story, you should make a lot of Blandie story.
5/8/2012 c25 12Reuben deFlash
Dude, I cannot believe it's been three years or so since you started this *wipes tears away* and I've been here since the start. Another excellent couple of installments. I think Milo is fast becoming one of my favourite characters, and well done for keeping everyone in character too!

I feel sad when I think of SU4. It might have made it without Moose if Jon Chu was in on it...but no. I don't hold out high hopes :(
4/29/2012 c25 Nothing Gold
So, I really liked Step Up 2, EXCEPT... well, the very first time I saw Andy and Blake on screen together I though 'that's who she should end up with!' Only naturally, it wasn't going to happen like that. :(

You have now resolved my dilema! I can happily go on liking Step Up 2 as Chase's and Andy's story and THIS as the lovely Blake/Andy reality that happens after!

So thank you, you wonderful person you! :)

This is a brilliant story, wonderfully characterised and I am so happily routing for your Andy and Blake - they deserve a happy ending! Can't wait to see how you tie up the story with the drama yet to come.

The step up 2 fandom is much richer for this story, thank you for giving us all something wonderful to read.
4/5/2012 c25 OurBreakingPoint
Oh my god. I'm totally in love with this story..

Can't wait for the next chapter 3
12/16/2011 c24 ygfamilybaby
Hello !

New reader here.

I feel like I should introduce myself, as weird as it sounds. I am French ... And I am a huge lover of Step up-the streets.

And ... I started reading your 24-chapters-so-far-story yesterday. YES ! And i'm already done.

I don't know how to adjust my thoughts right now, because it's all messed up in my head and ... All I wanna do is scream and jump and laugh out loud and roll myself on the floor and giggle and ...

Seriously. This. Story. Is. Epic !

Not like any good story Epic. Like FREAKINLY AWESOME EPIC !Oh my God ... I think I fell in love ... With your writing ! Like wow ! I'm so addicted to this !

The way you portrait the characters, the friendship in the beginning the weirdness later and finally the love... It is so beautiful so good so cute so detailed so right ! So right !

You know what I am thankful to right now... I am thankful that I love reading... Or else I would be missing this ! GOD FORBID

Besides. When I saw 24 chapters. I thought the story was complete and everything would settle this latest chapter, and I felt uncounsciously sad reading the 22 and 23rd chapter, coz that meant the story was done. But hell no ! There are more chapters to come Me likeyy :-Dok... This post is awfully long ! If you didnt read it all it's ok. But too bad for you, i'll go on posting till this story is over muahahha !

i'll finish by thanking you for this gift... Thanks so much. And post soon please ahhaha

last thing (I swear it's the last one :-P) it's officially my favourite in fanfiction.net. And i'll definitely reread it again whenever o feel down :-PLots of love !
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