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9/3/2010 c4 2TinyLitleDragon
Nooooooo... no no no no noooo... just... no... you shouldn't...
9/3/2010 c3 TinyLitleDragon
O.o... :D .. btw. i like the short chaps
9/3/2010 c1 TinyLitleDragon
:DDD I continue reading... :)
7/14/2010 c15 twilighthasmyheart
that was realllyyyy good i loved it ! it was amazing and awesome
3/30/2010 c1 JadoreJAC
first off, i absolutely ADORE your profile picture...i mean, come on! could he be any hotter? ;]

and secondly, you have great grammer, which i hate when an author sounds like a hilbilly haha

good story :)
3/25/2010 c15 Lion n' Lamb
I have read many Fanfics, this is one of the great ones. You have amazing talent for writing, and I hope you continue writing great stories. I love this story and I love Edward's reaction to Bella's pregnancy. Two thumbs up!
3/23/2010 c15 my1edward
I'm glad they're happy and getting married. Babies? Meh. Been there, done that, you don't get any sleep and it messes up the sex life. Oh well, more power to them! Enjoyed your story a lot! thanks!
3/23/2010 c14 my1edward
Aw, they love each other and they want a forever. And they are enjoying the hot monkey love. Can't beat that.
3/23/2010 c13 my1edward
I liked the nod to canon when Bella thought she was dead. She's still pretty shaken up, though, so that's kind of bad for her.
3/23/2010 c12 my1edward
OK, no longer pissed. Thanks for the EPOV; glad to hear he's in love. Interesting that it came on so suddenly. Love that he was making plans to do something special for her. And flowers? Always a good idea.
3/23/2010 c11 my1edward
Uh, Edward hurt in car wreck? Me no like. Let's get back to the fun and the sexin', please!
3/23/2010 c10 my1edward
Yay! No babies! God, I just loved it when Bella launched herself at his naked gloriousness. Who wouldn't?
3/23/2010 c9 my1edward
Yes, forcing them into close quarters is an excellent plan. Poor Bella, she really has the worst luck, doesn't she? If he wants to get back with her, I'm really surprised he'd pull that "I got the last one" shit with her. He had to know that was the wrong thing to say!
3/23/2010 c8 my1edward
I sort of believe him, but I wonder what made him be interested in Bella all of a sudden? Was it just her kissing him outside the bar that night, or has he had a thing for her for ages? I hope we get an Edward POV at some point.
3/23/2010 c7 my1edward
"I don't want to fuck that up. I don't want to fuck us up. I do however, want to fuck you. Just not tonight. Not yet. But soon. Very soon." Yes, please. Gah!
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