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for The Last One

10/27/2009 c15 grrrr.edward
prec to prec!

aw what an adorable way of announcing the news!

10/22/2009 c14 1hln3twimom
Aw it was so good-but over already..bummer! So what are you writing next?
10/22/2009 c14 Sunfeathers
Lovely! I am looking forward to the epilogue *and* your next story!
10/21/2009 c14 jamie1078
finally, they are happy and in love! i'm sad this will be coming to an end but can't wait for you new story!

great chapter!
10/21/2009 c14 ClancyJane
i kinda feel cheated, cause i only just found this and now it almost over !

i am looking forward to the epilogue though i just wish it wasn't...

'The Last One' : )
10/21/2009 c14 paola2208
:( Can't believe this is the last chapter! Was a pleasure to read your story, I had a great with cocky Ed. Great job!
10/21/2009 c14 3spidermonkey-09

aww bless

love the lemon XDXD
10/21/2009 c14 4Ms. Jily
AWW, that was so sweet! I'm tingly now :)

I can't wait for your next story :)

Great cahpter, BB. Looking forward to the Epliouge and of course the new story

10/19/2009 c13 SinCityTowGirl
one more chapter thats it! this is such a cute its so short!is the epilouge going to be set a couple years in the future? is it going to be longer than your normal chapters?

great story!
10/17/2009 c13 ClancyJane
so good : )
10/15/2009 c13 b4d3l2c1
10/13/2009 c13 sunshinyme
you sneaky girl! i caught the correlation btwn the dead/alive confusion w/ new moon. go me!

enjoyed the update! =)
10/13/2009 c13 Sunfeathers
Wow are we really so close to the end? This has been a lovely story and I hope you'll have another one to follow. :)
10/13/2009 c13 monamai
great update!
10/13/2009 c13 Marianka
I like it.:)
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