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for Reconciliation

7/21/2009 c1 ILP0420
No! MARCELLA! HOW COULD YOU KISS DIEGO? Yes, I agree with you, Diego and Carolina just SHOULD be together! I've only read the first book so far - I haven't got the damn money to buy the next ones!

But I kinda guessed Marcella was Constance... it just sorta makes sense... ish... :)

Anyways, I LOVED the fic! I've been looking out for a Diego/Carolina story for a while! I loved the way it was just like some of the greatest Willabeth moments!

I'm just hoping stupid Rob Kidd realizes Carolina and Diego should be together just like he should have done with Jack and Arabella! Yup, I'm still insanely mad it him for that!

Loved the fic, and I'm defiantely adding this one to my favourties! LONG LIVE DIEGO/CAROLINA! (can't think of a catchy little name thing for it! :D)

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