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7/24/2010 c10 jawke
I would personally prefer a naruto that was hetero but did not have any problems with using his bloodline against guys.
7/1/2010 c8 14Rubius
no yaoi... anything but that, narutoxgirls only
6/29/2010 c10 fanofmany
well hope naruto gets de-dumbass-afied. maybe before or when he comes back from the shipuuden arc
6/28/2010 c10 176Firehedgehog
totally amusing update/ heh
6/28/2010 c10 Malix2
OK, you state there's going to be some yaoi, I just have to ask, is it going to be funny yaoi where guys are chasing after him like the fangirls are doing and naruto tries desperately to get away, or is it going to be unrealistic yaoi where naruto suddenly becomes bisexual or something and has an actual relationship with a guy. If it's the later then I'll probably take this off my alerts right now. Then again, I'm not sure if the former technically qualifies as yaoi, and if so maybe only light yaoi. I'm not exactly sure where the boundaries are drawn. But anyway, if you have any actual yaoi lemons tell me now so I can take this off my alert list. So far it's only been funny stuff, guys getting attracted to him and him getting freaked out, but if you plan any actual... stuff with them, just warn me ahead of time. Heck, that's probably a good policy for any lemon, mark where it starts and stops so it can be skipped over, straight or gay. Some people just don't want to read that kind of thing. Hell, I've grown tired of lemons in general, even the straight ones. It could just be because lemons in general have a pretty uniform layout, kissing, petting, foreplay, sex, done. Sometimes they skip a step or two, but that's generally it. Only the positions, clothing, and partners change. It's probably why old married couples always get tired of sex...
6/28/2010 c10 9K.S.T.M
Hope you update soon!xD
6/27/2010 c4 OneInvictus
this is getting too yaoi so i will stop reading
6/27/2010 c3 OneInvictus
you should make it so it wouldnt work on males :| only on females cuz this is turning into yaoi if you ask me
6/27/2010 c2 OneInvictus
well to say the truth it seems kind of useless
6/27/2010 c1 OneInvictus
nice start and it seems kyuubi is female?
6/27/2010 c10 macabre-wolf
buena historia
6/27/2010 c4 PotterFrkInTx
Why not Orgasmogan? lol
6/27/2010 c8 criticfan
didn't he already know the fox was sealed in him?
6/27/2010 c10 Guest
your story suck and your story suck and your story suck and your story suck and your story suck and your story suck and your story suck and your story suck and your story suck
6/20/2010 c9 Banished Soul of Darkness
...or he could be incredibly dumb...

most stories make naruto at least a little smarter...you didnt at all...actually...i think you made him dumber...

why did it take so long for him to figure out the voice in his head? or that it was a fox...or that the fox was kyuubi...or that he has the brain of a goldfish...thought this didnt diverge til wave? he was told bout kyuubi...

also if he had any hormones they would have made him react a little anyway. even if he did not understand anything at all bout relationships.

shitfucker...i didnt look and see that its a romance story...ive never alerted or favorited a romance story.
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