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7/25/2009 c2 13Alternative Angel
Well, I agree that things like arousal are VERY good distractions in fights, but I firmly believe that Naruto will find that playing dirty. (Pun intended.)

Yay, I love the jealous Sasuke. (Even if he is a bit arrogant.)

I must commend you on your originality, it's simply amazing.

I nearly died when I figured out what Naru-chan's "blood-line" did.

You might want to get a beta.

It's easy to read, but it kinda bugs me.

You don't have to get a beta, I'm just saying that stuff like capitalization is important to some people.

Sorry about having to keep commenting on that. (I take Advanced English, so it's a habit I'm working on breaking.)

Can't wait for the next update.
7/24/2009 c2 5Jinchuriki94
update you son of a bitch
7/24/2009 c2 foxykitsuneyouko
awesome story please update soon
7/24/2009 c2 kurokitsune666
Its an AWSOME!story its really funny! UPDATE SOON!
7/23/2009 c2 10Captured.By.Insanity
this is very good update soon please
7/23/2009 c2 1geetac
I very much enjoyed reading this chapter.
7/23/2009 c1 geetac
I liked reading the chapter and want more of this.
7/22/2009 c1 9Daryl Is a Fag
OMG AWESOME! I know this may sound sick ^^: but your description of what happened to Naruto was veryy nice, not what happened but the fact that I could see it in my head how it played out, how much pain he must have been in. Amazing please continue!
7/20/2009 c1 13Alternative Angel
Wow, this is really impressive.

It could use a beta, but- otherwise- it's really good.

I like how you made Sasuke hostile towards Haku, thinking he was the cause of Naruto's pain.

The way you had everyone concerned about Naruto was also nice, considering I love the angelic boy.

The scene where Naruto was going through... whatever it is that Kyuubi did, was gruesome, but the way you described it, everyone's reactions, and the very idea of it happening kept me at the edge of my seat with suspense, anxiety, and anticipation.

I hope you update soon, I'm curious to see what you have planned.
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