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2/12/2013 c14 9Lewis The King
Whilst I would prefer Het, I am not totally against yaoi, again don't get me wrong Yaoi does not really reach my white spots, but this story is about more than "poking" and "prodding" my erogenous zones. This story would be great with or without Het, Yaoi, Yuri or any other possible combination you could think of.
Anyhow onto the plotline, um I don't quite under stand how Sakura & Sasuke went from totally un-attracted to suddenly crushing on Naruto. Neither do I get why Kakashi let Naruto "Poke" him. But you have managed in later chapters to deepen the "bonds" of team seven, you have portrayed a "slight" few characters just a tad out of place, but with the changes you made with cannon it is both understandable and needed.
I find that while there are a few spelling mistakes, the gramer is about as perfect as you can get in my books, so whilst not quite perfect if you can keep at it, well the sky's the limit. Don't let others push you into updating early or before your sure that it's good enough for your standards.


Lewis The King
12/16/2012 c6 MarTinez9
Will there be an update of this story?
11/11/2012 c1 Ibskib
Not bad for a first attempt, but please stop abusing the Parentheses, remember, everything in moderation, often a comma would be a better choice, or perhaps a full stop for a separate sentence. Also AN's and other inserted explanations shouldn't be in the middle of the chapter, it breaks up the narrative flow.
11/10/2012 c14 Zlatka
Aaaa, I can't wait for the interogation, please please update soon?:-)
10/30/2012 c14 Darknceannoya
you are awesome. The only issue I have is irritation at some of the characters who walk all over naruto(Sakura). It's probably just a remaining feeling from some other, sakura-bashing fanfic, but yeah. ;] You ARE the Master-Commander!
9/30/2012 c14 Guest
This is such a good story! I haven't found a story that had yaoi and hetero as good as this one! Oh will the pairings be sasunarusaku?! Please?!
9/12/2012 c14 Kit XIII
more please ya need ta do the next chap pleaseee i cant wait ta see Naru-Chan's NEW BLOODLINE LIMIT in interrogation or when he sees kiba-kun somewhere in the village again or when he meets gaara-kun before the chunin exam i mean he is such a Cute uke (giggle)
8/23/2012 c8 Apollymi28
I want sasunaru. Some sweet lovin action
8/23/2012 c4 Apollymi28
I like Kowakugan
6/28/2012 c14 Guest
hey hey its getting really good when it the next chap plezzz be soon
6/9/2012 c13 38Shadow Blaze - Mediator
5, maybe 6 days. 8 days at most, including travel time from Wave to Konoha.

It takes 2-3 days to get to Wave Country from Konohagakure, and, from what I counted, the point that Naruto had gained the Violet Eyes would be 8 days ago, at most, to the Checkup mentioned at the end of the chapter.
4/30/2012 c14 NARUTO1
Are you ever going to update this story i really want to find out what happens next it is starting getting really good and funny.
2/9/2012 c14 3ao3lover101
I really love the way this is going, and I think it is incredibly well written. I look forward to your next post eagerly.

-Alexi Naori
1/7/2012 c14 5Firedamaged
Great story, loving it so far, hope to see an update soon if you haven't abandoned it.


12/8/2011 c14 2ichigo1508
lol, i love it!~ hm...i wonder what happens next... -cough- anyway i look forward to future chapters!
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