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11/8/2011 c13 4Ashleythetiger
burns... ouch... yah mild comment for major pain...

i had an obvious idea...

naruto says his bloodline is a form of the byakugan (sp?) ,then he gets hinata training?

or maybe neji training?

tho i prefer hinata, logically neji would be picked for advice
11/8/2011 c12 Ashleythetiger
liking this so far

dread the yaoi bits... but glad there is a way to skim em if i so wish

and i liked the little naruto talks

he helps others more than himself
10/30/2011 c14 Apollymi28
That was awesome just loved it. Looking foreard to next one. Poor naru-kun I would love to see a sasunaru :)
9/27/2011 c14 stormingnight
wow nice
9/3/2011 c14 1megaphony
Very nice story! I've thoroughly enjoyed it thus far.

I'd guess... nearly two weeks?

They've been in the village for 2 days (possibly...) and the trip back from wave would have taken three or four days. If you allow two days to help finish the bridge, and another two days for when they stopped in that town on the way back, that brings it to a total of 10 plus or minus 3 days. (I'm totally wrong, aren't I?)

Anyway, I have a request! If you bring this story as far as the chunnin exams (which you will, or I will hunt you down and force you to continue it) could you make naruto's match with kiba end differently? I always hated the way it ended in the show. I'm sure you could think of something more... interesting. (If the kyuubi is offended by being attacked with fire, wouldn't being taken down by a dog offend him even more? hmm... Also, with naruto's bloodline, surely smoke would be somewhat useless against him?)

Also, I'm fine with the story being bi, in case you're curious.

Keep it up!
8/24/2011 c1 icecatfire
please continue
8/12/2011 c14 2darkangel325
Oh my god...this is really good
8/4/2011 c14 J.j
Good chapter! I liked how you explained the workings of the council instead of just saying they had no power over ninja affairs
7/30/2011 c14 guy619
i hop you update the story soon it is really good so hop you put the next chapter up as fast as you can
7/26/2011 c14 Ex10
I would have Killed the villagers I would have said fuck it before taking out as many as I can before getting killed... That also seems to be the reason why I am the worst person naruto should be switching lives with. I would have killed everyone
7/25/2011 c14 bookimp
Yay no more orange... I know he loves orange, but neon orange doesn't look good on anyone. I like your story, I'm happy you updated - twice! I'm looking forward to the council's reaction to his new bloodline.
7/24/2011 c14 Michaelwillmc
finished 14 great story sucks about his place though cant wait to see how its fixed for him keep it up, great story...

7/24/2011 c12 Michaelwillmc
I just read 12 moving on to 13 of Violet eyes and its great so far just saying to keep it up!
7/24/2011 c14 3Tetractys
The whole shah-bang, is it? Hmmm, I'm just going for a wild guess with three months. Sure, let's go with that. ;D

As for this chapter, it's a entirely wonderful to see that the Hokage being a complete ally of Naruto. After all the house-burnings and name-callings, it's good to see some proactive approaches to all the hate. As for what Sarutobi's planning...I'm guessing it'll have something to do with...meh, I have no clue. I was stabbing at something similar to the states of the Hyuuga and (former) Uchia clans with their fancy-smancy houses and whatnot. Meh. Anywho, this is a nice, slow-paced chapter that let's all the good intentions warm me up. XD
7/23/2011 c14 Melikalilly
I really like this story
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