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3/26 c1 Dasgun
11/16/2022 c30 JasonTheTraveler
You have worked so gracious and carefully with this fanfic, the characters are so accurate that they were ripped off from the manga and placed into a easy reading story that is so romantic and thrilling to follow. As for adapting the manga’s lore, you have incredibly done a good job at creating new lore along with keeping accuracy towards the world-building itself, along with doing what no writer hasn’t done in decades, how to make a harem (a polygamist relationship) work. You took time and chapters to show off the understanding and the love that these group of characters had for each other all the way to very end. You have done a miraculously wholesome job at writing it as whole, so thank you so much for being such a hard worker!
10/24/2022 c6 knorr.ricecurry
worth the wait (not that we had to wait long)
10/5/2022 c30 jzblue
still love this fanfic even after all these years hope it comes back soon.
9/26/2022 c28 Tower Knight
The poly bi thing you're doing is very weird and inapt.
9/9/2022 c26 Tower Knight
You're trying to reincorporate the events of the manga into your anime based fic and it's not working.
8/27/2022 c13 Tower Knight
The biggest drawbacks of this fic are the sex scenes and that it's based off the anime instead of the manga.
8/7/2022 c1 1Dark White Fang
You know this story is one of my favorites to reread, again and again. It just has a feel good, wholesome feeling to it.
5/6/2022 c1 AdrianVnz
Man i hope you are ok, this was one of the first fanfics i ever read and loved, i am sad it hasn't been updated but i am more worried about the fact you haven't appeared here in a while (no profile update, Pm response, etc), closest thing i can use to know you were around was checking your favorites and seeing a story from 2020 (i tend to check the favorite section of authors when bored, i have found MANy good fics that way xD)

Anyway if the muse is dead i would like it if th profile was updated, or even if it was RL taking all of your time, in these times not hearing from people at all isn't a good sign (damn you COVID)
2/8/2022 c14 Kappash
bruh how does he not have trust issues no one is telling him anything. like damn if you are in a relationship with someone ur supposed to tell them about life threatening thing s. And why the fuck is no one pissed at the headmaster?
1/6/2022 c30 Caprice Dhusara
I read all 30 chapters in a few hours and the only thing I can say is that I need more, so I'm hoping it isn't a dead fic.
Hopefully there are more chapters coming, and I can't wait to see what happens next if there are.
10/20/2021 c30 Guest
I love this story. I hope that you will continue soon.
6/25/2021 c3 vaibhavsalve353
at least give him some self respect in this fanfic he don't feel like a lover he's like her pet
6/2/2021 c24 jironimo.ross
this is so bad holy shit, what a non issue
its actually hilarious what you made it into
this is baffling as shit.
3/31/2021 c30 Vetor426
I'll keep it short... PLEASE ! Continue this AMAZING story ! Thank you.
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