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for The Past She Forgot

7/24/2013 c9 Guest
this is exiting looking foreward to read the next
3/22/2013 c8 20MewHanyou
This is deep, kinda depressing, and a totally fucking awesome story :) very well written and captivating, can't wait for next chapter
8/23/2012 c8 Guest
This is really good! Keep it going! :)
8/14/2012 c8 Yama-Chan
Oh my gosh! An update! YAY!
Anyway, I like the plot of your story, seriously. Although you have kept us in the dark for so long, I guess small parts of Sakura's past is enough. That's were the suspense goes
And please, from the previous chapters it was implied (somehow) that Kakashi had a crush or something towards Luka-sensei. What I'm trying to say is that I don't want Kakashi to have an affair with anyone. It just doesn't seem right.
But if that was what you were planning then go ahead
Lastly, who would Sakura end up with? IF you want any romance involved. Though I suggest you make it a SakuMulti! But then I also want Naruto to be there. I'm not used to NaruHina pairings. That's why a little part of me died when Sakura thought of Naruto as a brother...
Sorry if I'm putting reviews for previous chapters as well. It's because I didn't have the time to review before.
That's all! Update soon!
P.S. (for the last chapter)
Urine? Seriously? WAI?! Of all things! Ehehehe... Sorry.
6/2/2012 c7 3Babykat570
I see you too have some grammar errors that needs editing, but after reading the rest of this story, I don'y care if you made a misspelled. Keep updating.
4/16/2012 c7 5NightmarexMockingbird
i like it (ewe) I love how it ties in with real occurances of the actual episodes/movies! (And im rooting for sasusaku cuz im a HUGE. FAN. XD) Im waiting for your update! :DD
2/29/2012 c7 2NiGhTmArE-CaTcHeR-T
i love this story ^^
2/24/2012 c7 7crazycherry459
Awesome chap. Plz update soon.
2/24/2012 c7 14Invincible Shadow
Well done! This is really getting better and better with each chapter! Continue with the awesome awesomeness ^_^ and update soon!
1/28/2012 c6 Invincible Shadow
I'm reviewing like you asked me to, and I have only one thing to say; This. Is. Absolutely. AMAZING! I love the plot, the dialogue, and the characters' personality! Yeah, you added OCs, but they only spice up the plot even more! My 'Daddy? How Could You!' can simply hide in your stories' dust! This is incredibly good and well-written!

Well done!
1/4/2012 c6 1AmberStreetLights
Nice, very nice! It's developing quite well, and I can't wait for more!

Update soon!

Happy 2012 ( kinda finally sunk in that a year has passed- can't wait to screw up the dates...)!

- jade, a fellow fanfic hunter

11/10/2011 c6 2winged-angel21
interesting! i wonder when sakura would show her stronger side! :D
3/12/2011 c5 4JAGray000
I like how sakura is funny, your writing skill is amazing~ :D
3/8/2011 c5 Sadistic Demon1
estas pendeja es pura mierda lol n u lame it made me wanna sleep this is wat happens wen u try a romance shit
1/31/2011 c5 Kitsukami
Hey, I luved it!
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