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7/16/2017 c10 Ivy
Please continue to update! Is a great story... i hope to know what happen next!
1/7/2017 c2 Guest
Bro if you're writing a story in English WHY are you putting Japanese words in here? More insulting is that you clearly don't speak Japanese so pick a fucking language and stick to it
8/24/2012 c5 niki
7/23/2012 c7 japanesestudier
it's niku not miku... Niku is meat... by the way... great story! enjoying it so far!
6/16/2012 c10 8ForbiddenLeo
So I finally got aorund to reading this update! Nice job bringing it back to several chapters. I'm still dying to know about why Doflamingo wants Zoro!
3/19/2012 c1 6DawnoftheNutter
...wakata means understood, not thank goodness (Don't trust google or bing translators)...but that is really besides the point. Good job~
8/25/2011 c6 DawnoftheNutter
Meat is NIKU not miku (that's a girl's name). Other than that, pretty good.
7/2/2011 c2 5Red Voident Dragon
I-i knew it! I so knew it was that damned Doflamingo! xD Ah great story, loved reading both chapters. I hope this isn't discontinued. :D
1/20/2011 c1 27Merucha
doesn't... shimata mean 'Island'?
1/12/2011 c9 DD
Great story! Can't wait for the next chapter!
10/31/2010 c9 8ForbiddenLeo
Wow. I think i love you :D

Just kidding but I love this story so much... Expecially chapter 2. That ending was just, amazing. And now I can't get over how much I love this story :) Can't wait for Doflamingo to return!
10/24/2010 c2 LuckyKiss
I could have your babies. Right now. Just for writing this :D

I really like your OC, but it feel slike she doesn't have a defined character and that she jumps around a lot personality wise.

Anyyyywaaaaayyysss, I agree with the person above me, I hope we get to Doflamingo and Zoro again, in a non-yaoi way :D
10/24/2010 c9 Zoro lova
So I'm like, in lvoe with this story. I really can't wait to get back to doflamingo and zoro! Update soon!
8/10/2010 c9 distanceincrowdedrooms
i normally don't like reading fanfics with an oc joining the crew, but i really grew to like sora :) hope u update soon :)
2/20/2010 c8 read4hsm
Please please please keep updating! I'm absolutely in love with this story! :D
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