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7/25/2009 c1 53Harmony283
I got a fic dedicated to me XD -laughs- (sorry for not being able to upload one for this event ^^; I'd say I'd try getting one out now...but...I can't promise anything XP)

and of course you know since I haven't played either game all the way through this is has a fair bit of spoilers in it XD

But anyway...

"Daimon's touch on her soul was like an embrace, and often she would relax as if to fall into waiting arms, only to remember right on time that Daimon couldn't catch her body." -I liked this sentence the best~~

and overall you handled this VERY well ^^ Congrats! -hugs-
7/23/2009 c1 87ResonantCrimson
Interesting. I never thought about that theory, but I suppose it could be true...now I have to ponder on it.

Though you spelled Xelha's name wrong. ^-^" Other than that, this was an enjoyable femslash one shot to read. ^-^

Keep it up. ^-^

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