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4/26/2017 c4 isis424
11/7/2013 c1 Leighanne
I think you should have checked your spelling. Also, It's a good idea, but maybe you should elaborate more before publishing it like you did. Another thing, shouldn't Cody go to Ravenclaw and Zack to Slytherin? Cody is very smart, almost to smart for his age. And Zack is also cunning, and quick to think of a lie for explanations, and does things to benefit himself and his curiosity, from what I remember, at least. It wasn't a bad idea at all, just think about it more and write down some ideas maybe. You also skipped a TON of good writing material, like first, second, third, and fourth year. You could have done so much more! How they were going to deal with the change, the train ride, Diagon Alley, First day, sorting, and so on! I like he idea, just not the way you made it happen.

7/20/2013 c5 Angel
It's really good! I want to know more! Please post another update
12/3/2012 c5 4Aria Sprouse
Please, Continue! PLZ PLZ PLZ Update Uptade Uptade!
8/17/2011 c5 xxyaszminxx
Hey,I'm soo sorry about the family tragidy but know that I will allways be here and read your story and comfort you,even if I live on the other side of the world in Sweden but you know what I mean (sorry if my spelling sucks LOL XD) P.S Your last chapter wasnt bad it was really good actually.People just dont get that writing is a gift that you should be proud of!Anyway,see ya love ya xoxoxoxoxo 3
8/17/2011 c3 xxYaszminxx
I think your storys are great and you are great for writing them!3 Every one tells me that I should becom an writer cus I read ALL the time but idk,I really want to be a fashiondesigner.But anyways,I didn't review just so I could talk about my self,I came to talk about you and your awesome story!I am a BIG Zondon fan so I think you should make them a couple.Then a Romaine a k a ron and hermaine (i don't no there nickname) and cailey a k a cody/bailey.Then should make up a charakter who is just as mean as malfoy so they could be together.Then harry and ginny ofcourse.Hope you'll do it,love ya xxYaszminxx:)
6/9/2011 c1 JosieRadek
nice story!
12/28/2010 c5 Shadowprincess22
awesome chapter!^^ the old lady cat fight from Zack, got me laughing too
12/19/2010 c4 22DEDEBUG9
it would b cool if u could hav alex from WOWP b in the story
12/19/2010 c5 DEDEBUG9
keep up the good work! :) and you spelled dolores wrong :)
12/5/2010 c3 DEDEBUG9
plz plz continue i say do zack and hermione i know it sounds weird but it would b kinda cool great job :)
11/18/2010 c3 Hotjeer
Just stick with Cody and Bailey, and your fine by me.
10/11/2010 c3 2angelvan105
hmm interesting story
3/18/2010 c3 SuperxGirlx5894
Harry/Ginny definitely, love them. Cody and Bailey.and maybe and an OC someone like Alex from Wizards, I liked how they're alike but she still didn't like him in Wizards on deck with Hannah Montana.
12/27/2009 c3 Slyth3rinPrincess
I luv it! Please post more chapters I want to find out what happens
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