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7/13/2010 c3 2Life is all we got
...I died. From laughter. How the hell does that happen? I died. That's awesome!
6/21/2010 c3 20Darkfire359
I've always been able to see some of myself in Light. The canon Light, that is. But I absolutely love kicking doors. It mainly works for bathroom doors. High jump kicking them is even better though.
11/24/2009 c3 Miss-Dreev
Did Light get better and is Kira a duck?

This is so lulz worthy.
8/29/2009 c3 accountnotinuseanylonger
LOL I love these, they are so hilarious! You have to put up more!
8/29/2009 c3 15The . L O S T . Paperclip
This is hilarious! You really have to do another chapter soon :)
8/16/2009 c3 junkaccount
OMFG Light was random in this... THIS CHAP WAS HYSTERICAL!

I ike the children's card game part and how Light kicked down the door XD

Can't wait for the next chap!
8/10/2009 c3 9Sparkly Emerald
keeps being mean to me to. Mostly forums posting problems though... This was really funny. I recognized all those scenes though. Some of my favorites by the way.
8/9/2009 c3 21Tall Tails - Feline Jaye
Oh that was so funny! Love this fic.

(Oo! how about something wiht his painfully OCDness?)
8/9/2009 c3 boymayorofsecondlife
heehee, thank you for distracting me from schoolwork! (in...July...high school already sucks XP)

We all love OOC Light-kun...and, according to my brother, we all love Anime Abridged series, too! (There's Naruto, Pokemon, even some Death Note I think...but-again according to da bro-only watch the ones posted by people with 'ftw' at the end of their names...some unintelligible advice there)

And yay for killing fanon cliches! This is so funny; I'm still giggling at our adorable L, with wider eyes than their normal two-inch radius, in a 'prison' of chairs staring at a crazy pirate-Light-kun with blue hair!

so update, please, with more L-torture and canon/fanon satire!
8/9/2009 c3 4seffa
You are a genius! I'm just glad I got you into YGOAS! Hahahahahaha, I'm awesome like that! I wonder what else I need to get you into...hm

Oh! Well, I know that you are writing annoyances for when they're chain together but it would of been funny when he Light got his memories back and scream then turn to L and then fall into L. Then he should be like: "Oh my, my britishness is failing me. I must of gotten wankers cramp" or something to those lines.

Haha, it makes me laugh! Nyeh, I'm watching Sailor Moon Abridged right now. It updated. Hah, watch that abridged series! Now that is funny!

Anyway, I'm tired and I earlier I tried to send that long message back and...it didn't send it! And I'm too lazy to re-write it so I'll do it tomorrow or maybe later today, never know!
8/9/2009 c3 15The One Called Demetra
"Hehehe. Hehe. ...heh heh...heh..."

Above: verbal transcription of my reaction to this chapter/fic in general.

Moar plz. kthxbai.
8/9/2009 c3 17Purple Sage of Oblivion
This never fails to amuse me. XD

8/1/2009 c2 Purple Sage of Oblivion

That's it! I putting this on favorites! I can't stop laughing! XD
7/30/2009 c2 junkaccount
This is by far one of the best Death Note fics I've ever read.
7/28/2009 c2 Fangirl.x
Lol i love the fic. It's amusing. I wouldn't wake Light if my life depended on it, but i might give him sugar...just to see what an extreme reaction would be if that was a mild one xD It could be interesting. Well done that was epic :P You should write more. Hm...Oh i know!

I think you should make it so that Light has a secret hobby. Like when he had to magazines instead of death note but not like a bluff but a double bluff. So he's pretending to like magaiznes to hide that he writes names in the death note but he only does that to hide that fact that he's addicted to curtains and drags L into a curtain store and goes all controlling-i-am-god-so-deal-with-it and attacks L with a stack of rugs xD Or you could use trains or something random like that, honestly i don't know where curtains came from but yeah.

Yeah, you rock! Laterz :P
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