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for Letters to Archie: We miss you so

1/20/2013 c1 20KLFWrites
This story is very touching, I loved it! Poor Archie though :'( But then again, it's reality. I loved how Lucy and Brett finally changed for the better and apologized to him through their letters, and I also have to say, Patrice's letter really made me emotional and tear up inside. I love it! Keep up the great work and keep writing!
4/22/2011 c1 567381695
I was crying like a baby. I`m in a production of 13 at my theater company, and one of my best friends in the entire world plays Archie. The whole time I was picturing my cast, and poor Jakey (Kid who plays Archie)... Anyway, this is really well written. Patrice's got me most of all.
2/13/2011 c1 17Annabeth The Unicorn
I'm crying. I love you.
2/4/2011 c1 10This is a Creative Name
You were right! I should have had a box of tissues ready! This is really good and sweet and just...wow. I started crying during Patrice's but by the time I got done with Kendra's, I was almost bawling! You know it's good when you get readers to cry! Anyway, I just wanted to say this is good and yep. Thanks for writing this!
10/17/2010 c1 8person127
really good! sad though... i played archie. (all girl cast. we cut out all the kissing.) :)
9/6/2010 c1 thatgingerprincess143
i am crying and i forgot the tissues!
7/7/2010 c1 34Amythista
Waah. :( I keep forgetting that he's going to die.
6/16/2010 c1 SilverStarFire15
so sad! i love archie so so much! thank you for making the other characters care for him!
4/22/2010 c1 3Avs66
OMF that's so sad! you are such a good writer! WRITE MORE!1

3/12/2010 c1 4Geech42
there is no way to really say it because this is an amazing and inspirational story!
7/29/2009 c1 Botherer 1337
aw! This broke my heart! I always had a soft spot for Archie, and this made me really sad. It was good quality, though

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