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for For the Sake of the Daughter

1/3/2017 c1 Guest
This story made me cry. Well written.
9/13/2016 c1 pottermind
beautiful and heartwarming story! i love it!
12/22/2013 c1 Grace
Read a lot of fics depicting this same senario. This is by far the best. Very well done. Characters, motivations, and actions are written exquisitely well. Brilliant job. One of the best fics I've read in a while.
5/5/2013 c1 2Galeana
Wow, that was beautiful. You've captured perfectly the stigma against werewolves, and how for Andromeda that wars with her love for her daughter. Her Black ancestry and raising are subtly hinted at in her thoughts. Perfect characterisations and well written, so great job!
1/26/2012 c1 Kitten Kisses
Maybe it's because it's after two-thirty in the morning, but I nearly cried at this. Usually the "bringing the boy home" story is your average pile of humor and silly romance, but this...this really hit home, and it hit home hard, for several reasons.

The first being that we know Remus and Tonks. We know their relationship (or at least, what we imagine it's like). And we also understand what Tonks' parents must have been seeing and thinking, with her so depressed and pathetic before Remus gave in, for lack of a better phrase.

The second is that Andromeda was a bit of a rebel herself, what with breaking off from the Black family and marrying Ted. She knows a bit of what it's like to lose things, friends, family, due to a choice. And a mother's last wish would be for her child to be hurt by anything, ever.

The third is that Andromeda loves Nymphadora. Loves her a lot. Her little girl, her only child... And the bias against Remus is hard not to have, for her. When you've grown up thinking something is bad, like she's heard werewolves to be, I can only imagine that that is just...really, really hard to get over. If it ever is gotten over.

That said, the last scene was really what got to me. This isn't a silly story about disapproving parents and an awkward, clumsy dinner together.

This is a story about a parent (both of them, honestly) coming to grips with the fact that their daughter is leaving them, is marrying something that frightens them (as if her leaving them doesn't frighten them enough), and entering into the war even more.

Andromeda knows what the world is like. [It's because I fear this world will try and break you both.] You said it so well.

And the last scene has all this beautiful thinking, all these thoughts, and dialogue, but also a very quiet, sad understanding: Tonks knows her parents don't understand, probably never will. But she wants to give them the chance to come to her wedding, the option. And that is so kind-hearted that it has me almost in tears. Tonks is a good person to give her parents that chance. Not many people would do that if they were in her shoes and knew their parents didn't approve.

That Nymphadora doesn't want to push things any further, that her mother recognizes this, is sad. Understandable and sad. It's good that she can see that, though, that she knows her own child well enough to see it.

The last line is perfect. And the really sad thing about this piece, of course, is that it's not all that much later that Andromeda loses Ted, and then both her daughter and son-in-law. Leaving her with memories and a baby. God. I never really put a lot of thought into how Andromeda must have felt there, after the war, but it must have been very difficult for her, especially being unable to pull back her feelings of unhappiness for the person her daughter married.

My other favorite line, by the way, was the one about the difference between a bad man and a good man; Remus is not a bad man, et cetera and so on. That line struck something of a chord with me. In a pleasant way, I assure you.

But Ted is right- at least Remus DOES care about her. Loves her, even. It would be much worse for her to have married someone who didn't love and respect her.

Thanks for this wonderful 'fic. I'm very happy I decided to read it.
1/6/2012 c1 6EmmaLupinCutterCullenWho
I really liked this! They are all very much in character and it is written beautifully. Well done.
7/14/2011 c1 WendiCornwallace
This is very, very good. Almost every line is a memorable one because it says something about that character and advances the story.
7/7/2011 c1 jaergkeagk
Remus is so sweet:)
4/30/2011 c1 NTLandRLfan
This was a great story! Also loved reading about Andromeda and Ted :)
12/1/2010 c1 Cheeserandom
The emotions and dialogue were spot on I thought! Great job!
5/7/2010 c1 12tessiete
I must say that I simply adore this story. You've managed to make it...Well, I'm not sure how to express it except to say that it's somehow tentatively painful. And amazing. The pacing, the characterisation, the dialogue, the relationships - they're all spot on.

I love Remus-meets-the-parents fics, and there are far, far too few of them. Well done! This is brilliant!
1/10/2010 c1 5HitsuIchi
Wonderful story. I hardly ever see anything about Tonks's parents. This story made me feel like I knew just that much more about them, especially her mother.
12/29/2009 c1 zebrasdancing
i liked how you showed her strugle
9/22/2009 c1 Layla
One classy story! You incorprated a lot of depth into all the characters and I loved it.
9/12/2009 c1 37deaka
Lovely - I like that you haven't glossed over anything, that there is that recognition of how difficult this scene is for everyone concerned. I really feel for Andromeda. This is sort of poignant, too, in the light of HBP. Great work. :D
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